8 Amazing Things About Negril


Eight Amazing Things About Negril

Negril is a sleepy little town on the Western end of Jamaica that comes alive for spring break and the Jamaican Independence Weekend and some say that’s pretty much it. But that’s the beauty of it. It’s far enough away from city life to avoid all the hustle and bustle but beautiful enough to take a trek ever so often. What’s so magical about this place? Pull up a chair as we go through our list.

  1. The 7 Mile Beach
    Of course the beach is number one. It’s what Negril is famous for, that untouched, pristine 7 mile beach with amazing turquoise waters dotted with our vibrant culture and vibe. There’s nothing else, nowhere else like it. We love that this beach is shared with high end resorts and small boutique huts. A quick walk along the beach will immerse you in the true Jamaican culture, everything from the laid back rasta man on his fishing boat, to the hustler peddling jewelry and wares, to the nearly nude tourist walking about, to the young and wild jetting around on jet skis. Pick a spot and laze all day with a daiquiri and a book and enjoy some authentic jerk chicken.

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  1. The Superb Sunsets!
    They are breathtaking. Like we mentioned, Negril is on Jamaica’s west end so on clear days the sunset is so big, colourful and beautiful that you feel as if you’re a part of it. Dinner by any of Negril’s cliff or beachside restaurants will be romantically lit as soon as the sun starts to go down. Or jump on a boat with a beer and some company and watch the magic happen.

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  1. The Food.
    Whether you’re sticking to our famous jerk chicken with festivals or rice and peas or you’re going with grilled lobster brought in straight from the sea just a few minutes before, you’re mouth is about to explode with the flavours of Negril. But don’t let us tell it, hear it from the multitude of visitors who come back to Negril on vacation every single year. They can tell you where the freshest catch and the spiciest spot is. They’re practically locals now! You’ll get addicted to Negril’s food too!

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  1. The Parties!
    Yes, those two times per year, Negril gets absolutely wild. Like, you may lose your bikini in the pool or the ocean, wild! Those two times are Spring Break and our Independence Week which is the first week in August. Spring Break is popular with the North American college population, but a great mix of locals and visitors takeover and get it in for Independence. All hotels are booked, all shacks are booked, you’re lucky if you can find an empty hammock on the beach around these times! If you love a good island party, get in this mix. If you’re looking for a more laid back kinda vibe, there’s Easter Weekend in April and Heroes Weekend in October where there’s sure to be a good beach bonfire with some live Reggae Music happening on the shore.

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  1. Cliffdiving
    Rick’s Cafe in Negril is THE place to be because of its excellent spot on the cliff with crystal clear blue waters deep enough to take a dive from high up on the rocks. Grab a beer and watch local experts and daredevils jump and do all kinda tricks and after a few, try it yourself! (Actually, you may want to do this as sober as possible.) There are several other spots on the cliff side of Negril that you can take a jump and lose your inhibitions, all equally beautiful. On the flip side, catch a glass bottom boat ride or go snorkelling in Negril to see the beautiful underworld. Whatever you choose, it will be an amazing adventure.

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  1. Swim with Dolphins
    Dolphin Cove has two locations in Jamaica, one in Ocho Rios and one in Negril. Here you can swim with dolphins, watch them do cute tricks and flips and then they’ll steal a kiss. The photos will be awesome and the swim, if you choose the full package, is intense! The dolphins will push you till you’re flying on top of the water! Calm your nerves down afterward with a dip in the sting ray pool and then count all the starfish you can while on your adventure here.

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  1. The Wedding Photos! (Or Hey, the Selfies!)
    Negril has every type of accommodation available from large all-inclusive resorts, to clothing optional spots to boutique hotels that offer different experiences and packages but they all have one thing in common, the breathtaking beauty of Negril. Imagine the pictures on the bridge suspended above sparkling blue water on a clear, sunny day. Oh, this bridge has no rails so hang tight. Or how about down in the caves below the cliffs. Or from the lighthouse point with the sunset in the background. You’ll be the envy of all your friends with memories to last a lifetime and the photographs just incase the memories fade.

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  1. The Vibe
    Negril is the epitome of the laid back “no problem mon” lifestyle that Jamaica is known for. Nobody is in a rush here and everyone is a friend with a story to tell, a recommendation to give or a plate of food to share. Everything you need is a stroll along the boulevard away and with new bike lanes in the pipeline, you’ll even be able to avoid the “rush hour traffic” to get in to town. Take a stroll along the beach and get the true vibe of Jamaica while you’re here.

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