Amazing Jamaican Cigars


Amazing Jamaican Cigars

If you smoke cigars, you know all too well that there are different levels of quality. Obviously, Cuban cigars have a reputation for being the finest in the world since 1962, however, there is an excellent alternative in the form of Jamaican cigars, which are legal.

You can purchase Jamaican cigars from a number of shops and vendors while visiting the island. For one thing, you will find an incredible selection of cigars but in addition, they are both duty and tax free, which means saving money.

The main reason that Jamaican cigars are so good is the idyllic growing conditions. Remember, most of the characteristics associated with tobacco come directly from the environment, specifically climate and soil. Because tobacco used to make Jamaican cigars is grown in the beautiful Blue Mountains where the soil is rich and climate perfect, you can rest assure that Jamaican cigars are of high quality and boast incredible flavor.

There are actually many different brands of Jamaican and while some of these are known around the world, others are more popular among local islanders. As far as brands, we listed some examples below.

• Guaranteed Jamaica – This is one brand of cigar sold in stores at the Times Square Plaza. The cigars are handmade, high quality, smooth, and mild thanks to the Mexican binder and Jamaican, Mexican, and Dominican Republican tobacco filler.

• Harvill – Handmade in Kingston, these cigars are made with Mexican binders and Jamaican, Mexican, and Dominican Republican tobacco fillers. If you are interested in trying something new, this is the perfect cigar with a choice of Jamaican rum, passion rum, and vanilla flavors.

• Montalvo – Another brand of cigar available in Jamaica is Montalvo. Although the cigars are hand-rolled in Kingston, they can be purchased throughout the island. In this case, the filler is 100% Jamaican tobacco while the binder is from Mexico. Because of this, you will enjoy rich yet smooth flavor.

• Pride of Jamaica – This too is a popular choice available at the Times Square Plaza. Of all the cigars made in Jamaica, this is ranked among the best. The filer is a unique blend of tobacco from Jamaica, as well as Mexico and the Dominican Republic while the binder is strictly from Mexico. Even though people say the flavor is intense, it is also smooth and enjoyable.

• Santa Cruz – Both filler and binder are grown in Jamaica, which is actually considered somewhat rare. Santa Cruz cigars are full flavored, with a relatively intense draw and because of this they may not be the right choice for someone who smokes very little or only on occasion.