Blue Hole Mineral Spring


Some people visit Negril, Jamaica for the excitement and fun while others go to unwind and relax. Just as there are numerous things to do and see for the more adventurous hearted, people in the latter group will also discover many ways to heal and rejuvenate. A perfect example of this is a place called the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, which is visited by tourists but also local islanders. In addition to being beneficial to the body, most people believe it helps the mind and soul.

Just a 30-minute drive to the southeast of Negril is the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, a place worth visiting. This specific spring is nestled under a cavernous opening in the terrain of Jamaica. However, it is also fully encased by limestone known as Karst, which is a unique type comprised of minerals that occur naturally in limestone but also serve to filter underground water. The result of the filtering process is a natural bath pool of minerals for people to soak in and enjoy.

The price to jump into the Blue Hole Mineral Spring is just $10, a small investment considering all the benefits reaped. There are also clean restroom facilities for added convenience and several activities geared toward older children and teenagers. Of course, people of all ages will benefit from the mineral spring bath but because children often get bored, the activities certainly make the trip more enjoyable for the parents.

This location features a nice bar where cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served and in fact, people are welcome to sit in the mineral pool while sipping on drinks. For even more enjoyment, there are divers who actually jump into the open hole. This is not something that just anyone should try but instead something left to locals who have trained for years.

Although the mineral spring is itself a huge draw, many people also enjoy the drive, which meanders through a number of smaller and interesting Jamaican villages. This makes it possible to stop for authentic Jamaican food either before visiting the Blue Hole Mineral Spring or immediately after, but also visit quaint shops where beautifully handcrafted items are sold.

Many people refer to the Blue Hole Mineral Spring as the “fountain of youth” and while the pool does not actually turn back the hands of time, it has been proven to possess medicinal properties. As an example, people with arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and other illnesses that cause joint aches and pains swear they get significant and quick relief. This mineral pool is also good for the skin in that it draws out impurities and if wanted, an individual can apply some mineralized clay for a wonderful skin treatment.

Overall, the Blue Hole Mineral Spring makes for a relaxing experience, visiting a few stops along the way in villages outside of Negril also ensures a wonderful day and the chance to get to know the culture and history of this Caribbean island but also the warm-hearted people.