Bob Marley Shot


Of course! We left the best for last. A Bob Marley shot is a must while in Jamaica. It’s a colorful drink with three layers of red, green, and gold. Your bartender can also make a pretty Bob Marley drink with the same three layers if you’re not interested in shots. However, if you do go for the shot, ask that they make it flaming!  

  • ½ oz. grenadine 
  • ½ oz. Galliano or banana liqueur 
  • ¼ oz. crème de menthe 
  • ½ oz. Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum 

Pour the Grenadine first for your layer, then slowly add the banana liqueur over that. You may want to pour it over the back of a spoon so it gently glides in. Mix the overproof rum with the crème de menthe. Add it slowly on top, leaving just a slither of space to add a touch more of overproof rum.  

Practice caution. It’s highly flammable, so you’ll want to light it on fire then add a straw to your shot and quickly suck it all down before the fire burns the straw.

Think you can handle it?

If not, your bartender will help to make you an expert!