Booby Cay Island


Negril Jamaica is home to many natural wonders such as waterfalls, caves, and independent islands. One such island is called Booby Cay Island, which may be small but well worth visiting. The island is definitely quaint and tranquil, which is why it is a popular destination for individuals, couples, and entire families.

To reach the island, people are chartered by boat. Keep in mind that there are numerous charter operators, each providing a somewhat different experience, but they all have a solid reputation for being hospitable and safe. One of the more popular options for reaching Booby Cay Island is on a glass-bottom boat. Regardless, the round trip fair is typically no more than US$25 for a party of two.

After arriving on Booby Cay Island, there are a number of exciting things to do and see. For one thing, the beach is simply beautiful, boasting clean, soft sand that is perfect for sunbathing, playing volleyball, building sand castles, or taking a nice leisurely stroll. However, for someone a little more adventurous, the island does feature several paths that can be explored.

Snorkelling is also a favorite activity on Booby Cay Island, with equipment rental nearby. Because the waters around the island are extremely calm, this activity is perfect for novice snorkelers but there is also vast opportunity for someone who loves to scuba dive. As with snorkelling, equipment for scuba diving can be rented or if preferred, an individual can bring it over on the boat. For both snorkelling and scuba diving, a person is exposed to bright-colored marine life, as well as seashells and lush underwater vegetation.

It is also possible to rent jet skis and life vests. The prices vary slightly depending on the place or person rented from but overall, the cost is reasonable. As an example, someone can rent a jet ski and vest from a private party for around US$40, which covers between 30 and 60 minutes of fun. The great thing about jet skis is that it creates the opportunity to go all around Booby Cay Island rather than remain on just one side.

While all the different water sports and land activities are exciting, the one thing that draws people to Booby Cay Island most is fresh grilled lobster. This entails a local chef being hired for a nominal fee, who grills mouth-watering lobster right on the beach. Often, the chef will also prepare freshly caught snapper and other island fish. Obviously, something like this is very romantic but it can be enjoyed by everyone. If preferred, individuals and families can have a beachfront picnic arranged.

Booby Cay Island also boasts a tropical sand bar located just off the shore. At one time, this was a hot spot for party goers but without necessary facilities, it was shut down. Even so, the place is still fantastic and a part of the island’s allure. The nice thing is that someone can take a trip to Booby Cay Island for just a few hours, half a day, or the entire day. With the area being quiet, it is the perfect way to see the softer side of life on the island for people visiting Negril Jamaica.