Doctor's Cave Beach


Doctor’s Cave Beach

The name of Doctor's Cave Beach gives an accurate glimpse into the history and esteemed reputation of this pristine beach. The beach was originally part of the private property of Dr. Alexander James McCatty until he gave the property to a bathing club in 1906. By 1920, British osteopathic doctor Sir Herbert Baker wrote about the power of the beach’s water to heal and protect those who swam in it from acute illnesses and diseases. Once the article was published, the fame of the beach skyrocketed.

The beach was once accessible by cave before the cave was destroyed in 1932 by a hurricane. Nonetheless, the cave's destruction did little to deter people from heading to Doctor's Cave Beach to take a dip in the tranquil waters that they hoped would restore their health and improve their quality of life.

Now part of the eco-conscious Montego Bay Marine Park, the attention that was drawn to this region because of the beach sparked a chain reaction that led to the area becoming the major destination it is today. Consequently, hotels and other amenities were placed along the beach for the comfort of tourists.

Rent a beach chair and lounge under the Caribbean sun or set up an umbrella to create your own private and shady retreat at Doctor’s Cave Beach before heading to the nearby Hip Strip, which is also famous in Montego Bay for its shopping, entertainment, and dining options.