Faith's Pen


Faith’s Pen
Modernized versions of Jamaican foods are known to be appetizing, but you owe it to yourself to get a true taste of Jamaican during your stay. To sample traditional steamed fish, soups, fruits and vegetables, and countless other selections, a visit to Faith’s Pen is a must.

Faith’s Pens is one of the most popular stops to enjoy authentic Jamaican cuisine when traveling through Jamaica as you head into St. Ann parish. The stalls that comprise Faith’s Pen are uniquely placed, with contrasting colors of red stalls set against green and subtle earthy tones of Mount Diablo easily captures the eye of anyone passing through, but the enticing aroma of the food is what really strikes a curiosity in travelers.

Residents love Faith’s Pen for its friendly vibes and the numerous delectable dishes that offer their favorite foods from endearing local cooks. While the vendors are located close to one another, the options provided are vastly different as each cook has perfected their own specialty at their stall.

During your trip to Faith’s Pen, don’t stop after visiting one stall. Stay a while to enjoy the reggae music and energetic conversations with vendors. You’ll discover more than a few favorites that will leave you eager to return.