Falls Aren't Dunns River


7 Spectacular Jamaican Falls That Are Not Dunn’s River

Dunn’s River is perhaps Jamaica’s most famous falls, a tour stop for many vacationers to our island. Known as the land of wood and water, Jamaica is home to many other spectacular waterfalls that deserve a stop on your next adventure. Here are seven others to explore.

Cane River Falls
From the gate at Cane River Falls Park, the faint sound of rushing water gently beckons, and 101 steps down a steep narrow walkway, tucked behind huge boulders, is a serendipitous find, the Cane River Falls. Although the falls are the closest and most easily accessible by residents of Kingston, the nation's capital, and St. Thomas, they are still relatively unknown, and on most days no more than a handful of people actually visit.
The falls, just inland from Bull Bay, are said to have been Reggae icon Bob Marley's favourite place to wash his dreadlocks.


Tacky Falls
Located off a very obscure path in Port Maria, St. Mary, these falls are probably one of Jamaica’s most unknown. Visitors are encouraged to seek the assistance of a local guide to help tackle the treacherously muddy path to the falls where the upper tier is visible and can be enjoyed. These falls will provide the excitement for those thrill seeking wanderers of nature.


Mayfield Falls
Mayfield Falls in is the community of Glenbrook in Hanover and can be described as a lite version of Dunn’s River Falls without the many daily visitors. It is more of a compilation of individual rapids and mini cascades providing hours of swimming, wading and climbing for water-loving adventurers. Tours are also offered here and the main ground provides visitors with food and other amenities.


YS Falls
Located in St. Elizabeth, YS Falls sits on an expansive property fronted by a farm and offers a myriad of activities outside of the breathtaking falls themselves, making this stop a fun all-day family activity. Choose between picnicking, river-tubing, ziplining and of course swimming in what is one of the most gorgeous south coast falls. These falls do tend to get crowded but with over seven different spots of cascading falls and dip pools, families will have a wide variety of spots to choose from.


Somerset Falls
Located in Portland, Somerset Falls offers a unique user experience with the bright blue stream leading into a hidden grotto behind the falls where visitors can swim and capture amazing photography of limescale formations. The grounds at Somerset Falls also offer authentic jerk chicken, trampoline and kids play area with swings and slides as well as an artificial pool for families to enjoy.

Reach Falls
Also in Portland, this scenic falls in the community of Manchioneal offers a guided tour with unique elements placing it on our favourites list. The tour takes you underground (and underwater) in caves, through heart-shaped holes with jacuzzi-like experiences and ends at the breathtaking Reach Falls with clear blue pools for swimming.

Mahoe Falls
Located in the Coyaba River Gardens complex, the gorgeous Mahoe Falls provides families with lots of swimming against the backdrop of gently cascading falls. Views of Ocho Rios and the Caribbean Sea sets the backdrop for your visit to this historic property which also includes a museum of Arawak artifacts. Perhaps the most interesting part of the Mahoe Falls is the ability to leave the Coyaba property and venture further down below where locals will help you to the base of the falls where it gets even more scenic and the swimming is a little quieter.

- by Monique Solomon