Getting Down and Dirty in Negril Jamaica


With so much water around Negril Jamaica, it makes perfect sense that people would have the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest.

Of course, there are the more traditional activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, wakeboarding, skiing, and more, but for some, fun is more about getting down and dirty.For starters, there is the Chukka Dune Buggy Adventure, which is definitely the thrill of a lifetime.

For $95 per person, an individual spends two hours touring different areas of Negril via dune buggy. The trip starts at the Chukka Blue Farm and includes traveling along the beach, over river flood plains, and even into mountainous regions that yields incredible views of the island and famous Seven Mile Beach. Dune buggies are driven to a 17th century sugar cane plantation where a massive windmill, sugar factory, and the Great House still proudly stand.

Included in this dune buggy adventure are food, drinks, and souvenirs. Then for a nominal fee, photographs are also available. To take a dune buggy adventure, there are certain requirements to include a weight limitation of 250 pounds and valid driver’s license.

Because this is a rough, adventurous tour, it is not recommended for the elderly, someone with back or neck problems, or pregnant women. Another excellent way to get down and dirty while in Negril Jamaica is with a four-wheel drive tour. Officially known as the “4x4 Off Road Safari”, this is a chance to explore the more rugged interior of the land via Land Rover. While some of the tour is rough, it also includes downtime at an isolated river sanctuary. However, another benefit is the guide who offers information about the island’s rich history and unique culture. In fact, while on the four-wheel drive tour people are taken into the heart of a mesmerizing rainforest. There, they get to see lush flora and fauna, as well as vibrantly colored birds and wildlife native to Jamaica up close and personal.

This tour also includes a stop at a cascading waterfall where people can swim in natural pools of crystal, clear water. Other features of this land safari include stopping at a former slave hospital that in 1846 was converted into a church and a beautiful river walk. For a price of only $89 a person, round trip transportation from major hotels in Negril, as well as Montego Bay is provided. Food, beverages, souvenirs, and photographs are also available for a small fee. To enjoy the trip to the fullest, people need to bring cash, a swimming suit, towel, and of course, camera. Again, there are some restrictions that include a minimum age of six years and the tour is not recommended for people with a disability and pregnant women. We also want to mention the Chukka ATV Safari.

This tour is just under two hours and costs $99 a person. It includes an incredible journey that takes people 2,200 feet above sea level. Some of the main stops include Cascade, Smithfield, and Pumpkin Bottom. There is an experienced guide for this ATV tour who can show people the beautiful Jamaican countryside while also offering educational information. The minimum age is 16 years, there is a 420-pound limit, and the tour is not recommended for someone with a disability or pregnant women.