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A popular Jamaican proverb is “Coward man keep sound bone,” meaning the less you engage in risky behavior, the least likely it will be for you to be in danger.

Safety is a concern for many visitors coming to Jamaica. Whether you’ll be on your hotel’s premises for the duration of your stay, or you are planning an adventurous trip to the island, research is your first virtual encounter before your trip begins. Arrange to be picked up at the airport and transported to your hotel or accommodation.

Exercise a high degree of caution as you would in any other country. Some areas may be riskier, depending on the infrastructure; resort towns are equipped with Courtesy Cops who are specially trained to protect tourists. Ensure your family members and friends know where you are headed, and alert your country’s embassy or consulate about your location and the length of your stay. If you are an adventurous visitor, ask the concierge or staff at your hotel or villa to recommend a reputable driver to take you around. Going off by yourself is not recommended, especially on your first visit to the island. Do not keep valuables with you on these adventures as they will make you attractive to robbers who prey on tourists.

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If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any time, be on the alert and make your way to safety. You will find that Jamaicans are generally friendly. However, be on the lookout for anyone who offers to show you around in a very friendly or persuasive manner, specifically at nights.

There is no national advisory in effect for the island. However, you should exercise caution regarding your health and safety. A Travel Health Notice has been issued by the Government of Canada to practise special precautions while travelling to countries affected by any virus or major illnesses. You are advised to avoid travel if pregnant or sick.
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To get more on Health & Safety related information in Jamaica, visit Ministry of Health's website