Hidden Treasure: Half Moon Beach Jamaica


Half Moon is the name of a luxury resort in Montego Bay and so it’s what comes to mind when the name is said, even to many locals. What it also is however, is a little known private beach in Lucea.

It’s very secluded and quite easy to miss the entrance to this beach. Once you drive in, a beautiful oasis tumbles out before you. You’ll find hammocks, lounging chairs and quiet places to sit and enjoy the spectacular sea views. Refreshing tropical cocktails and island eats await you at the bar inside.

You won’t notice them unless you ask but on the property is also seven cottages hidden in the bushes where you can stay if you happen to fall in love with the secluded haven here. The proprietors offer several tours to keep you from snoozing all day on the beach. Grab a raft and take a lazy yet scenic ride out to the reef just beyond the shoreline where you’ll be offered grilled lobster and a cold beer. The snorkeling is excellent here.

Another tour sees you on a catamaran cruise exploring the shoreline, stopping to snorkel and enjoying Negril’s amazing splash sunsets that extend as far as the eyes can see. You’ve never seen these hues of oranges and pinks, undisturbed by any obstacles, enveloping you in warmth and amazing beauty.

This property, still in its natural state is perfect for the traveler wanting the serenity of Jamaica and all the beauty the island has to offer without any disturbances. Weddings are also offered on property allowing for perfect beach brilliance without high costs or crowds. Strike up a conversation with the few other patrons of this beach to see what other hidden treasures they frequent because if they’re at Half Moon Beach then they’re in the know!