Each parish in the country has public health care facilities, including a public hospital, usually located in the capital city. Over 330 health centres and 24 public hospitals actively accept patients. The University of the West Indies, a regional teaching institution, is partially funded by Regional Governments including Jamaica. In the quest to provide quality health care in the island, there are also private facilities and over 400 pharmacies contributing to healthy communities in Jamaica.

St. James
Cornwall Regional Hospital
Address: Mount Salem, Box 900, Montego Bay, St. James
Tel: 1876-971-7022-3

Hospiten (Private)
Address: Lot/Apt2. Spring Estate - P.O. Box 2520 Half Moon Rose Hall, St. James
Tel: 1876-618-4455

Montego Bay Hospital & Urology Centre
Address: 1 Mount Salem Main Rd, Montego Bay
Tel: 1876-952-1991/971-0465 Urology Centre (Doctor’s Office) 1876-952-4511

Montego Hope Medical Centre
Address: Half Moon Shopping Village,, Rose Hall, Montego Bay
Tel: 1876-953-3649
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Noel Holmes Hospital (Public)
Address: Fort Charlotte Drive, Lucea
Tel: 1876-956-2733

Andrews Memorial Hospital (Private)
Address: 27 Hope Road, Kingston 10
Tel: 926-7401-2/929-3821/960-8257

Bellevue Hospital
Address: 16 1/2 Windward Road, Kingston 2
Tel: 1876-926-1380-1/938-1562-3; Fax: 928-1236

Bustamante Hospital for Children (Public)
Address: Arthur Wint Drive, Kingston 5
Tel: 1876-926-5721-5/968-0300-6/0308-9

Chinese Sanitarium
Address: 2 North St. Kingston
Tel: 1876-922-2735

Heart Institute of the Caribbean (Private)
Address: 23 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston, West Indies, 10
Tel: 1876-906-2105/8

Hope Institute (Public)
Address: 7 Golding Avenue, Kingston
Tel: 1876-927-2111

Kingston Public Hospital (Public)
Address: North Street, Kingston
Tel: 1876-922-0210/0227-9

Medical Associates Hospital (Private)
Address: 18 Tangerine Place, Kingston 10
Tel: 1876-926-1400/1

National Chest Hospital (Public)
Address: 36 1/2 Barbican Road, Kingston 6
Tel: 1876-927-7121/6421

Nuttall Memorial Hospital (Private)
Address: 6 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5
Tel: 1876-926-2139/8770 (Day) 1876-929-1604 (Night)

Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center (Public)
Address: 7 Golding Ave., Mona, Kingston 2, Jamaica
Tel: 1876- 927-2504/2504 1876-977-1469

St Joseph’s Hospital (Private)
Address: 22 Deanery Road, Kingston 3
Tel: 1876-928-4955/9

University Hospital of the West Indies (Public/Private)
Address: Mona, Kingston 7
Tel: 1876-977-2607/927-1620

Victoria Jubilee Hospital (Public)
Address: Mona, Kingston 7
Tel: 1876-977-2607/927-1620

Royale Medical Hospital and Clinic (Private)
Address: 10 Lewis St., Savanna-lar-mar, Westmoreland
Tel: 1876-955-3154/9709

Savanna-la-Mar Hospital (Public)
Address: Barracks Rd., Savanna-lar-mar, Westmoreland
Tel: 1876-955-9946/2533/9944

St. Thomas
Princes Margaret Hospital
Address: 54 Lyssons Road, Morant Bay, St. Thomas
Tel: 1876-982-2304 982-2306

Hargreaves Memorial Hospital (Private)
Address: 32 Hargreaves Ave. Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-961-1589/962-2070

Heart Institute of the Caribbean (Private)
Address: Unit 7, 1 Brumalia Rd., Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-625-7122

Madeville Hospital (Public)
Address 32 Hargreaves Ave., Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-962-2067/4461

Percy Junior Hospital (Public)
Address: Spaldings, Christiana, Manchester, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-964-2322/2222/4851

Ocho Rios
Medical Care & Surgical Center (Private)
Address: 110 Main Street
Tel: 1876- 876-974-6339

Buff Bay Hospital
Address: Buff Bay, Portland
Tel: 1876-996-1478

Port Antonio Hospital
Address: Naylor’s Hill, Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-715-5778/993-2646-8

St. Ann
St. Ann’s Bay Hospital
Address: Seville Road, St. Ann’s Bay
Tel: 1876 972-2272 -3

St Catherine
Spanish Town Hospital
Address: Burke Road, Spanish Town, St. Catherine
Tel: 1876-984-3031-5

Listead Hospital
Address: Rodney Hall Road, Linstead,
Tel: 1876-985-2359/2241

St Mary
Annotto Bay Hospital
Address: Annotto Bay, St. Mary, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-996-2222-3

Port Maria Hospital
Address: Trinity, Port Maria, West Indies,
Tel: 1876-994-2228/2277

Chapelton Hospital (Public)
Address: Chapleton P.O., Clarendon, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-986-2215/787-0125

May Pen Hospital (Public)
Address: Muirhead Avenue, May Pen, South Central Clarendon, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-986-6307

Lionel Town Community Hospital (Public)
Address: Vere, Clarendon, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-986-3226

Falmouth Public General Hospital (Public)
Address: Rodney St. Falmouth, West Indies, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-954-3250/5

St Elizabeth
Black River Hospital (Public)
Address: 45 Main St. Black River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
Tel: 1876-965-2212/2224