How to Kill a Day in Montego Bay


Spend it at Dead End Beach 
 Have a couple of hours to kill? Maybe you have a long layover in Montego Bay before catching your next flight and don’t want to stray too far from the airport. If so, Dead End Beach is your spot. It’s hard to miss. Your flight practically landed on the sand there while coming in, and you would have seen it from the plane.  
It’s a fabulously lively beach, perfect for people-watching while sipping on a cold Red Stripe. Locals and visitors come here to watch the planes land dangerously close to the beach while enjoying the music blaring from the bar or grabbing lunch from the street food vendors.  
The bar located at the end of Dead End Beach is the perfect spot that’s closest to the action. Here, the sound of the planes practically over your head will excite you, and you’ll cheer them on as they land. Montego Bay is a Caribbean Hub so the air traffic is quite busy, sometimes over 10 flights can land within an hour!  
This bar also has pool tables and good eats to help you pass the time between plane watching. It’s a great place to strike up a conversation and meet interesting folks with fascinating stories. The prices here are also quite reasonable since it’s a little outside of the usual tourist playground.  
If you’re so inclined, take a dip in the ocean that’s just on the other side of the street. In front of the bar is the widest sandy area, making it perfect for laying out a towel to sunbathe. You can enter the water and swim a good distance. Now, you have the exhilarating experience of getting a closer view of the planes as they’re landing!  

Take a stroll along the sidewalk to see what else is available on the strip. You’ll pass street vendors, kids diving off the beach wall, and an atmosphere of jubilance. Don’t be surprised at how quickly the time passes here! If you wait until sunset, be prepared for a treat. Amazing orange and pink shades will splatter across the sky over the turquoise blues of the Caribbean Sea. Grab some jerk chicken from a street vendor to close out your spectacular day of doing absolutely nothing at all. 


- by Monique Solomon