How to Stay Connected While in Jamaica


Visiting the Caribbean is an exciting adventure that you’ll want to share with friends and family. Those who have never been are always amazed by the beautiful beaches and interesting locals. Here are ways to keep them involved, no matter how far apart you may be.

Wireless connectivity is all around, from the airports to hotel rooms, and smartphones have made it even easier to keep in touch with people all over the world.

But, beware. Using your cell phone outside of its service area can end up costing much more than you expect due to roaming charges and other fees. Avoid this by speaking to your cellular provider in advance to create a plan that includes add-ons catered to your traveling needs.
Mobile Connection

While you won’t find pay phones in Jamaica, there are always sim cards, data plans and phones available for rent or purchase during your trip. As you arrive at the Sangster International Airport, Stay Connected can meet these communication needs. You can also visit their website in advance for more details at Stay Connected Jamaica.

Once your cellular device is properly connected and has the desired amount of data and credit, placing calls are especially easy. Local calls require that you dial 1 + 876 + 7 Digit Phone Number. To call internationally, dial 011 + Country Code + Area Code + 7 Digit Phone Number.

Digicel is recommended for the most reliable mobile coverage while in Jamaica. When adding credit to your phone or additional data to your plan, you can top up at their website, via the Digicel mobile app or by calling directly.
Wifi Connection

Of course, wifi is another viable option for staying connected in Jamaica, and you can save mobile data by taking advantage of wifi that is provided at various hotel resorts and public locations, including frequented cafes and restaurants. While some public wifi is free, others may charge a fee. Call in advance or search online to learn the cost of wifi at your chosen destination.


Using wifi further allows you to text free of charge by using applications such as the ever-popular WhatsApp and making Skype calls. Social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, also let you send messages and share vivid images of your trip.
For tourists venturing off the beaten path, additional data should be added in case of additional roaming charges. Depending on how long your rural excursion may be, day plans are available for data and phone coverage.

Data can be purchased along with your call plan. Services provided include Sim card purchases, phone and tablet rentals, and personal wifi equipment provided by MiFi. All available at Stay Connected at Sangster International Airport & Stay Connected Jamaica

Make video calls from your laptop or cell phone to show others where you are and discuss your trip. When video chatting by phone, you can let people live in the moment with you as they get a real-time visual of the happenings in the area. If you have an iPhone, FaceTime instantly connects users in the same way as Skype if you don’t care to use the app.