Jamaica Independence


Jamaica celebrates its Independence on August 6th annually, in commemoration of its first Independence Day on August 6, 1962. Jamaica becoming an independent Nation meant that Britain, no longer governed the businesses of the country. On August 6th, Jamaicans therefore celebrate the removal of our dependence on Britain and honour all those persons who were responsible for the transfer of power, our National Heroes.

The period leading up to the public holiday is packed with parties and activities celebrating the island's culture. There are a variety of events kept comprising of the performing, visual, literary and culinary arts. The Best of Festival series, Mello-Go-Round, The Festival Queen Competition and the Festival Song Competition and Float Parades are some of the main events which take place during this time.


The Grand Gala featuring hundreds of performers from across Jamaica is held at the National Stadium in Kingston on Independence Day. It features an assortment of entertainment, an array of colours, award ceremonies, a stage show and closes with an astounding fireworks display which everyone looks forward to seeing.


On Independence Day flag raising ceremonies are held in each parish. This is done to celebrate the day and honour the historic movement into independence, and reflect on the country's accomplishments.