Jamaican Seafood Festival in Port Royal


Tourists looking to enjoy Jamaican seafood along with a taste of the island's rich culture through music and a fun day intermingling with local life, can find it at the Port Royal Seafood Festival in Kingston, Jamaica. Every year on the Jamaican public holiday, National Heroes Day, Grace Tropical Rhythms presents this sensational event. National Heroes Day falls on the third Monday of every October and crowds are able to congregate under Jamaica’s warm sun at this seafood-filled Festival that has been ongoing since 2006.

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Of course, what makes this festival a true standout is the succulent seafood. Seafood lovers can’t resist the countless dishes offered that highlight the flavors of Jamaica through mouthwatering seafood. Patrons and visitors from around the world return each year to take part in this spirited event, where high energy fuses with palate-pleasing seafood that locals and chefs rightfully acknowledge as irresistible.

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The vendors are a delight to engage with as they revel in the festival’s liveliness while serving dishes that give you an authentic taste of Jamaica. You’ll see children smiling and dancing as they enjoy the rides throughout the day and into the nighttime where music and laughter fill the night air. Not only is this festival a family-friendly gathering, it also features live entertainment from some of the most popular artists throughout the islands with performances by local favorites as well.

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