Lacovia Zoo


Hidden Treasure: Jamaica Zoo in Lacovia, St. Elizabeth

The Jamaica Zoo in Burton Mountain, Lacovia, St Elizabeth is a gem of an attraction for animal lovers who love to get up close and personal with these exotic critters. They provide an intimate experience within the cool hills of St. Elizabeth, a perfect off-the-beaten path hidden treasure.

On a weekday morning, don’t be surprised if you’re the only patron of the establishment. After paying your $1200 JMD admission fee you’ll be treated to the most personal, private tour one can experience as the early hours are often barren at the property and prime visiting hours for the visitor who wishes to explore first then lazily stroll along the beach later.
Rabbits greet you upon entering in a cage where they feed and play with each other happily ignoring that you’ve entered their presence. You’ll be guided to a small presentation area with seating where you’ll be asked to take a seat. Whether your group is large or small, the expert guides will perform their presentation as if they have an entire audience. It’s a very hands-on experience which you will surely enjoy, even if you’re not the biggest animal kingdom fan. You’ll be invited into the presentation area to hold and interact with all the animals from iguanas to snakes to parrots who’ll chatter with you to monkeys who you will feed popcorn.

The mischievous little monkeys will make away with any arm jewelry you’re wearing if you allow them. Surely you’ve not had such an intimate experience at a zoo before stepping foot on the grounds of Jamaica Zoo. You’ll be charmed by the personal touch and opportunities to interact with animals in their natural habitats and outside of cages.

The zoo staff will offer to use your equipment to take pictures for you while you’re hanging out with all the animals if you choose. After the presentation you’ll be introduced to your personal walking guide around the rest of the zoo. You will totally love hearing about everything at the zoo as the guides are all expertly trained and you can tell that they LOVE what they do. they’ll make it a lot of fun!

Perhaps you’ll be surprised to find a pair of lions at this small zoo. They’re brothers and they were actually born in Santa Cruz! Their names are Sainty and Santa… in St Elizabeth and Santa Cruz. How cute! You’ll be blown away with how close you’ll get to these majestic kings of the animal world. At most zoos, you never really see the lions because they’re always hidden in an expansive enclosure, guarded by walls, fences, and more fences. Imagine being able to stand less than two feet away from them, hearing their grunts and roars.

We’re sure you’ll find the Jamaica Zoo experience entirely amazing! It is a much smaller zoo than you’re probably used to and includes a charming, intimate tour. The personal touch is what keeps patrons visiting this attraction as everyone who visits gets an enthusiastic walking guide who exuberantly explains everything you’re seeing.