Luxe Memories: Collecting Souvenirs


One thing you will notice when souvenir shopping in Jamaica is that many of the shops cater to tourists at craft markets and similar venues.  These are talented artists, but they replicate pieces in bulk for those who want inexpensive, easily accessible keepsakes. On the other hand, there are travelers who hope to find priceless more authentic gifts. To have an exclusive piece of Jamaica with you forever, get a hold of these impressive souvenirs.

Paintings by Karl Ricketts
Ask around, and it isn’t hard to find Karl Ricketts. He is a resident artist of Negril. He is also one of the most beloved artists on the island for his acrylic paintings that show off his vision of Negril and let the viewers see the world through his mind’s eye. His detailed paintings seem to move as subtly as the water at times with the use of bright colors and scenery. The elements all come together to show an appreciation for the simplicity of the Caribbean while adding a flair of imagination. Another reason Karl is so loved by visitors and locals is because of his friendly demeanor and outgoing attitude. Getting to know the relaxed and understanding man behind this incredible art not only adds to its value, but it helps you to treasure it more as you share the story of the art with others. An added bonus: Karl is known to be extremely reasonable when it comes to his paintings, and it’s not unusual to get one for under $100.

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Tortuga Rum Cakes
Getting a rum cake while in Jamaica is a must. Tortuga rum cakes are sweet and filling treats that many people tend to take home as yummy souvenirs. The company has been in operation over 20 years and has been recognized all over for its cake and other edible choices. Tortuga is a respectable brand that keeps travelers in mind as they make sure that whatever is purchased is easy to care around and store.

Custom Jewellery
Order custom jewelry in Clarendon from the Jewellery Legend store. Jewelry is a statement piece, and your statement should be yours alone.  Jewellery Legend is a store that custom makes a variety of jewel pieces based on your preferences. They will also deliver it when you see fit. The store features big brands and a very wide range of choices. Now is the time to leave no design ideas unmentioned. Find out if it can be brought to life when ordering from this high-end jewelry store.

Blue House Art
The Blue House is located in Ocho Rios and it is an award-winning abode. This bed and breakfast prides itself on being a luxurious getaway that features secluded cottages surrounded by nature. Aside from its fine accommodations, there is also art to be found here and purchased. Any of the art that you buy from their gallery isn’t likely to be found anywhere else. The Blue House showcases the work of different local artists every month and offers the pieces to customers. The chosen artists are always very talented and worthy of the recognition and funding they receive from buyers for their original works.