Most Popular Weekly Parties in Kingston


Kingston, the very heart of the energy that keeps the country moving, is a the social hub of Jamaica and as such, it has a very busy nightlife scene. With a population of 580,000 people, this parish is anything but little!

Kingston has 7 major night clubs and 20 major venues and many parties that keep the year around. The parties this little yet big parish has to offer is vast and spans over every genre from Reggae to EDM to Soca, so no matter the event, there's definitely something everyone will love.

Here's a list of some of the events you can attend to get that true Kingstonian lifestyle:

Wet Sundaze
8 Hillview Avenue

Kingston Dub Club - Sundays
7b Skyline Drive (jackshill)
Kingston, Jamaica
(876) 815-1184

Mojito Mondays -
Suzie's Cafe,
Southdale Plaza
Constant Spring Road

Wedi Wedi Wednesdays
Stone Love HQ
Burlington Avenue

Pepperseed - Wednesdays
38A Trafalgar Road,
Kingston 10
Retro 80's 90's

MVP Fridays
38A Trafalgar Road,
Kingston 10
Top 40

Fiction Lounge - Fiction Fantasy Fridays
67 Constant Spring Rd, KGN 10
Kingston, Jamaica
(876) 833-2582

Ribbiz Acropolis
Acropolis Gaming Lounge,
29 East Kings House Road/
Loshusan Shopping Centre
Retro 80's 90's

Revue Saturdays
Medusas Bar & Grill
96 Hope Road

Club Privilege
14-16 Trinidad Terrace
Kingston, Jamaica
(876) 754-8561

Escape 24/7 Bar & Grill
Knutford Blvd,
New Kingston
kgn fri sat