Pack Fashionably for Your Caribbean Vacay


You may or may not be guilty of buying a typical, brightly-coloured floral shirt thinking that you’ll fit right in on your vacation. If you don’t want to come across as cliché, then giving a little more thought to your get-away wardrobe can’t hurt. Here are a few categories to consider before breaking down your daily looks.  

Comfortable Shoes 
Sandals are, without a doubt, the best kinds of shoes for a vacation in a warm place. When you consider the heat and how uncomfortable closed-toe shoes can be when you sweat, they're always the better option. There are a variety of styles that you can try depending on the activity. Flip-flops are best by the beach or pool-side, while a more ornamental pair of sandals would be perfect for your dinner reservation. Wedged sandals are also great for formal activities like dinner or dancing.

Breathable Clothing 
Linen and cotton pieces are your best bet for maximum comfort in the tropical heat. There are button-up shirts for mature men, comfy tanks for younger guys, and maxi dresses for women of all ages. Whatever your personal tastes are, it’s usually available in breathable fabrics to guarantee your comfort and your confidence. When it comes to colour, white is the top choice in the tropics, but don’t be afraid to mix comfort with style. A vacation is one of the best times to try colours you normally wouldn’t. 

Unique Accessories 
Simplicity is easy to accomplish when your staple wardrobe consists of shorts, tank tops and dresses. Spruce up the entire look by adding unique accessories. You don’t have to plan your accessories in advance if you decide to support local artisans by purchasing rare, culture-infused pieces. It’s easy to carry one piece of clothing from day to night simply by updating the accessories or adding more for a bolder look. Additionally, don’t leave your swimsuit out of the loop. Accessorize your pool-side look with a trendy body chain and flash tattoos to accomplish

Whoever said that a swimsuit couldn't make up an outfit? Frankly, there is nothing wrong with living in swimsuits for your whole vacation. Bring a bunch and change as often as you please. Swimsuits are intimate, not only because they’re made of less fabric, but also because the type of swimsuit you choose to wear will reveal more about your taste than any other outfit. Boldly experiment with different styles and prints. 
This category of things varies, because a cover-up is considered as anything that will either protect you from the sun or act as a transitional piece for your outfit. These items include: sunglasses, hats, kimonos and sarongs.

In this case, they are solely for covering up. Add spunk to any look while protecting yourself from the sun’s harsh rays by trying funky sunglasses topped by fun and trendy hats. Add light layers to any outfit with a sheer kimono, or add modesty to your risqué swimsuit with a contrasting or matching sarong.  

In the end, with all these elements considered, you will be well on your way to looking great on your vacation. You’ll look better than the average tourist without sacrificing what’s most important – your comfort. Enjoy!

by Shanoy Coombs