Perched Atop a Strawberry Hill


Perched Atop a Strawberry Hill
Strawberry Hill is the playground to many of Jamaica’s celebrities and their international friends. It also caters to Kingston's tourists seeking the ultimate oasis outside of the city’s bustling streets. You’ll experience a different side of Jamaica here, so prepare to be charmed and exhilarated. 
Visit the Blue Mountains
GoldenEye Resort is lauded as the pearl of famed author, Ian Fleming’s, eye. He once called the area home, and it’s where he penned his first James Bond novel. Before making this stunning property his own, Fleming’s initial visit to Jamaica took him to a quiet location, nestled deep in the Blue Mountains and famous for some of the world’s best coffee.  
Experience the culture and take in the views
Forty-five minutes outside of the nation’s capital of Kingston, the road is rocky and steep. It takes you through shack, villages, and coffee plantations before opening up to one of the most breathtaking views to be had this side of the island. The scene is clear as day from the mountainside as it rolls out below to the cityscape of Kingston and the ports and harbor among the sun-kissed horizon. The property is perfectly perched to catch both sunrise and sunset rays, and it will steal your gasps from the ledges of its glorious infinity pool.  
Enjoy the many luxuries
Home to a world-class spa and gourmet restaurant, it’ll be hard to do anything but be pampered in mountainous magnificence. With rooms etched in the mountainside and far from the bother of mosquitos, enjoy the tweets and chirps from some of Jamaica’s indigenous bird population. Be enchanted by the views from your balcony that are tastefully structured to protect your privacy.  
The location makes it the perfect launching point for exploring Jamaica’s east coast. Make a plan to visit Boston Bay, birthplace of the famous jerk and Jamnesia in St. Thomas, the island’s only surfing club. Reach Falls and Somerset Falls will offer refreshing waterfall adventures, and bike tours are given right there in the Blue Mountains.