Popular sports throughout Jamaica


Along with all the fun land and water activities that people enjoy while visiting Jamaica, there are a number of sports that can be watched and even participated in. Although the island is home to some incredible athletes, sporting events are unfortunately overlooked sometimes by tourists because the primary focus is on popular attractions. While it is just as important to visit different tourist sites and enjoy the nature of the island, we wanted to suggest Jamaican sporting events as well.

For instance, cricket is highly competitive and widely played in Jamaica. This sport originated in Europe and was played only by wealthy gentlemen. In fact, much like Polo, to the English cricket was a prestigious type sport played only by the higher class. There are actually a number of fascinating things about cricket:

• Jamaican islanders share the same passion for the game yet most are not wealthy
• The sport is exciting to watch because it is extremely physical but it also requires technical and social ability
• Even though cricket is one of the most popular sports in Jamaica, for international competition only the West Indies offers representation

Another highly popular sport in Negril and other parts of the island is football, which is equivalent to soccer played in the United States and other countries. Interestingly, this particular sport was first introduced in the mid to late 19th century when British troops came to the Jamaican colony on a peace keeping mission. Within a short period of time, football became a competitive sport in school.

Not only is football played competitively in schools, Jamaica is a welcomed member of the world’s federation of soccer organizations and competes in the World Cup.

Track is also a highly popular sport in Negril and other areas of Jamaica. Islanders first got involved with track at the end of WWII and since that time, have accomplished some big goals. Jamaica sprinters won two gold medals, seven gold medals, four silver medals, and seven bronze medals in the 2012 Olympics additionally, a new world record was set.

People planning a trip to Jamaica and who love sports can easily find games to watch, whether in person or on television. Of course along with watching, there are a number of participatory sports. For instance, golf is a huge attraction in Jamaica, which boasts champion courses in Negril, as well as Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Kingston. To accommodate every golfer, some of the courses are extremely challenging while others are somewhat easier.

Tennis is another favorite sport in Jamaica. Because most tennis courts are connected to the larger hotels and resorts, there is always a place to play. Each court is beautifully designed to complement the property, to include mesmerizing tropical views for players. Although a two-hour drive from Negril, hard and clay courts are found in Ocho Rios and worth playing. However, all-weather Laykold courts found at resorts in Negril are considered to be among the finest. In addition to courts, most properties also have an on-site pro shop, as well as tennis lessons taught by pros.