How Can I Purchase a Sim Card in Jamaica?
Phone rentals, SIM cards and phone credit are available at Stay Connected at Sangster International Airport & Stay Connected Jamaica.
How do I make international calls to the USA, Canada, or the UK while in Jamaica?
-To make a call to the United States and Canada, dial 011 + 1+ Area Code + 7 Digit Phone Number.
-To make a call to the United Kingdom, dial 011 + 44 + Area Code + 7 Digit Phone Number.
-While in Jamaica, local calls can be made by 1 + 876 + 7 Digit Phone Number

With the Digicel Prepaid Plan, what is the international rate for calls to the USA, Canada, and the UK?
Digicel’s Prepaid Standard International Calling Rate is $17.75 (JMD). More details on international call rates are provided on Digicel’s website. Digicel is the largest network in Jamaica

How can I top up my Digicel phone credit?
Phone credit can be easily added online or via phone. Visit Digicel top up or Download the Digicel phone app, call locally at +1 888 344 4235 from a landline or internationally at +1 876 380 7626.

Digicel Diaspora customers and their loved ones to live bill free for 12 months
Digicel, in its continued effort to keeping families connected with loved ones in the Diaspora, launched its best value promotion called, ‘Bills on Us’. This promotion ran from January 25, 2016 to March 20, 2016. 4 winners were awarded in Jamaica as well as their counterparts in the Diaspora and will have their bills paid for 12 months.

What are some of the additional communication services offered by Digicel?
Data can be purchased along with your call plan. Services provided include Sim card purchases, phone and tablet rentals, and personal wifi equipment provided by MiFi. All available at Stay Connected at Sangster International Airport & Stay Connected Jamaica

Where can I access Wifi in Jamaica?
Wifi is commonly available at hotels and resorts. There are also online maps available that show wifi hotspots around the island.

Be sure to download the Jamaica Experiences mobile app on Google Play or the App Store for the latest guides and useful information in Jamaica.

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To qualify to win in Digicel’s Bills on Us promotion, customers simply needed to send a top up or a prepaid data or international long distance plan to friends and family in Jamaica and the Caribbean over the eight-week promotional period or receive these services from a loved one in the Diaspora.

Applicable Topups were those done from, from a Digicel branded store in the Diaspora or from the Digicel Top Up App (available for download in the App Store or Google Play Store).

Stay Tune for more great promotions this Year from Digicel Diaspora!

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