The Best Beaches on Jamaica’s North Coast


Chances are high that you’re staying on a great beach of you’re booked for an all-inclusive resort, but these beaches are private and not accessible to the public at large. So where do you go when you’re booked at a villa or somewhere else inland? Here’s our list of a few of Jamaica’s best public beaches on the North Coast.

Negril’s 7 Mile Beach
It’s famous for a reason and while some private resorts have blocked off parts of this beach, it’s big enough for everyone to enjoy. There are several restaurants, parks and access points along the strip that allow you to swim these warm, pristine waters for a nominal fee, for free or for lunch at the restaurant.

Puerto Seco Beach
As we slowly make our way toward the East, you’ll come up on the Puerto Seco Beach Park in Discovery Bay, St. Ann. This is allegedly the point where Christopher Columbus first discovered Jamaica. Today it’s a pumping beach park complete with restaurants selling local seafood and jerk chicken along with clean facilities and adequate parking. Reggae music is known to be blaring from speakers on holidays or Sundays, the most popular beach day in the Caribbean.

- by Monique Solomon