The Right Clothing for a Trip to Jamaica


When planning a trip to Jamaica the first question a person asks is what to pack. Although men do it too, the biggest mistake that women make is packing way too much. Of course, it is important to be comfortable but also to remember that this Caribbean island is tranquil and laid back. This is not to say there is nothing exciting to do because there is, but the lifestyle of the islanders is a slower pace.

Obviously, when packing for a trip to Jamaica it is necessary to consider the types of activities and adventures most interested in. During the planning phase, a lot of questions about clothing will be answered. For instance, if horseback riding is an excursion that someone wants to do then jeans or slacks need to be packed. On the other hand, if the goal is to take a romantic sunset cruise or dine in one of Jamaica’s finest restaurants, entirely different attire would be needed.

To make packing for a trip to Jamaica easier, we provided some helpful tips below:

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• Weather – The temperature in Jamaica stays between 75 and 90 degrees’ year round so lightweight clothing is imperative. For day trips, cotton sundresses, shorts, or capris are commonly worn by women while men often choose casual shirts with shorts or slacks. Keep in mind that the night can become slightly cool at times so a light wrap or sweater is also advised. Even though the weather is warm and gorgeous, we suggest looking at the temperature for the specific month of travel.

• Special Events – Somewhat nicer clothing is suggested if someone has planned a special outing, perhaps a romantic dinner, cruise, or festival.

• Adventures and Outdoor Excursions – There is a long list of outdoor activities to do in Jamaica. For instance, there are four-wheel tours, ATV and dune buggy tours, hiking deep into the rainforest, and so on. The goal is to wear something appropriate and comfortable but also protective.

• Walking Activities – Whether shopping, sightseeing, or enjoying quiet time on the beach, people typically do a lot of walking while on the island. For this reason, proper footwear is also something important to consider. Keep in mind that many people simply wear flip flops or sandals, which are fine but for significant walking, good tennis shoes are a much better option.

• Swimming and Water Activities – Without doubt, people always wants to bring swimwear for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, or simply spending time on the sandy beach. While one swimsuit would suffice, we suggest bringing at least two. After all, swim attire does get dirty and sandy and it would be nice to have an extra suit to put on in a hurry.

• Toiletries – Along with clothing, there are specific toiletries that need to be packed for a trip to Jamaica. Sunscreen, bug spray, and lotion are among the most important. Perfumes and colognes are fine but they can attract bugs so a good alternative is a lighter body spray and of course, deodorant.

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• Rain Gear – It does rain in Jamaica from time-to-time, which is why packing a simple poncho or jacket makes sense. Even a compact umbrella is a good idea.

• Head Covering – Because temperatures are warm and the sun bright, many people will pack a hat or two, sun visor, or scarf. Along with this, sunglasses are essential.

• Photography – To capture special moments while on the island and have lasting memories, a camera is a must. Most cameras today feature video operation as well but if not, it is worthwhile to take an actual camcorder.

• Medications – Sometimes, medication can be difficult to get while in Jamaica so if someone is on prescribed medication, it must be taken. However, to ensure it gets through customs without a hitch, it is advised to bring not only the actual bottle with the drugs inside but also a letter from the doctor who prescribed it. In addition to this, it is helpful to bring antibiotic cream, band-aides, and aspirin or Tylenol since some people will get headaches after being out in the sun for long periods of time.

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