Top 10 Jamaican Comfort Foods


Top 10 Jamaican Comfort Foods Dishes That Will Always Make You Happy

Cornmeal Porridge 
Cornmeal porridge with cinnamon and nutmeg is a true Jamaican breakfast that sticks to your ribs and keeps you going until lunchtime.  
Stewed Chicken with Rice and Peas  
A Sunday dinner favorite in Jamaica, this meal consists of chicken cooked in a brown stew that’s served with rice and peas and rich with coconut milk. 
Curried Goat 
A staple at “dead yards” (known to many as a Wake), and other late-night events, the goat is served with white rice and provides a welcomed warming for the soul.
Curried Chicken with Dumplings 
Not to be forgotten about, curried chicken is extra delicious when served with dumplings made of white flour and a pinch of salt. It’s rounded out flat to look like big wheels and boiled until done.  
Ackee and Saltfish
The national dish of Jamaica is made from Ackee, a fruit that resembles scrambled eggs when cooked and is usually paired with saltfish or corned pork.
Steamed Fish 
Jamaicans love steamed fish. It is prepared with much flair in restaurants, or right on the beach, in a soupy-like sauce that’s rich with vegetables and herbs.  
Oxtail and Beans 
Oxtails are considered a luxury comfort food in Jamaica, enjoyed on special occasions or reserved for Sunday dinners.  
Stew Peas with Pig’s Tail
It is said that the right stew peas can make a man fall in love with the woman who cooks it. Best with pig's tails, it is also served with chicken, beef, or vegetarian foods.  
Fried Chicken with Curry Gravy
We all love fried chicken, but Jamaicans love it drenched in curry gravy.  
Jerk Chicken with White Bread or Fried Festivals
There’s nothing like a thick slice of white bread or a sweet and flaky festival, a dense fried pastry like a Johnny cake, to soak up those jerk chicken sauces and cool down the hot, peppery fire going off in your mouth.

- by Monique Solomon