Top 10 Jamaican Fruits


Top Ten: Jamaican Fruits You MUST Try

Jamaica’s national dish, though cooked as a savory meal, is actually a fruit that is grown on trees and is poisonous until the pod opens naturally.

Allegedly the largest tree-borne fruit in the world, a jackfruit can weigh as much as 80lbs. The bulby flesh inside is sweet and filling like a banana.

Stinking Toe
With a look mimicking a big toe and an odor to accompany it, it must have an extraordinarily delicious taste because Jamaicans love this fleshy fruit. Give it a try if you can get beyond its hard exterior.

Guineps are similar to lychees grown in clusters and sold in bundles along the road. Bite into the hard green shell to reveal a bright orange, sweet, and tangy surface that’s sucked off the interior seed.

Otaheite Apple
A lightly sweetened taste, this fruit resembles a pear in shape with a noticeably crimson outer exterior covering the white flesh. It’s very hydrating and perfect for a hot summer’s day.

June Plum
Pickled when green, or sprinkled with sugar or salt when soft and ripe, this fleshy fruit covers a spiny seed.

Star Apple
The star apple comes in a variety of green and purple hues. The pulp inside offers powerful satisfaction to any sweet tooth.

A dessert fruit in its own kind, the flesh of the sweetsop is sweet and pulpy, an inviting contrast to its hard, lumpy exterior.

The resulting mix of orange and tangerines, this seedless tropical fruit adds the perfect exotic tang to salads and summer cocktails.

With a light-brown, edible skin, the naseberry is a sweet fruit with a grainy flesh. Enjoy it in fruit salads or smoothies that need a little sweetness added to them.