Top 5 Blue Mountain Coffee Lifestyle Hacks


World famous Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica has a reputation as a special 'must-have' gourmet treat when visiting Jamaica. Here are some other ways to enjoy Jamaican coffee, and take treating yourself to a whole new level.

  1. A cup of used coffee grounds in the fridge helps to neutralise odor, and works just as well as the baking soda you normally may use.
  2. Use coffee grounds as a cleansing scrub for the house or even a facial! Grounds are great for your face, but fresh ground coffee beans may do a better job. It's a great way household cleaning hack to get those pots and pans sparkling clean. Add them to your kitchen sponge for a clean scrub.
  3. Conceal scratches or cracks on dark wood furniture. Coffee grounds are a perfect match to cover the flaws, matching the shade of the furniture like a good under eye concealer.
  4. A repellant to keep away insects from your plants. When added to soil or shaped in a ring round the stem, coffee grounds help to ward off ants and slugs.
  5. Boost your plants by adding grounds to your watering can or mixing them into the soil for a nitrogen boost.
  6. Another use for the power scrub is as an exfoliant to remove dead skin and smells from foods such as fish and garlic. Just rub a handful between your palms for the magic to work.


- by Monique Solomon