Top 5 Hotels to Watch Sunset


Rockhouse Hotel
The Pristine Cove cliffs in Negril is where you'll find the Rockhouse Hotel. A relaxed yet distinguished sense of luxury awaits at what has been cited as the Caribbean's Leading Boutique Hotel at the World Travel Awards. There is also no shortage of amenities found at this 8-acre paradise, where you will be treated to magical sunsets in an eco-conscious environment.

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Spa Retreat Hotel
Romance and intrigue fill the air at this spacious oceanfront property that offers guests plenty of seclusion to enjoy brilliant sunsets with the ones they love most. Perched upon the West End cliffs in Negril, you're offered a true taste of luxe life in Jamaica at the Spa Retreat Hotel with accommodations for the health-conscious that feature luxury sporting, wellness, and spa treatment.

The Cliff Hotel
The Cliff Hotel in Negril is stylishly tucked away in scenic serenity, making it a favorite for couples who want to leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily life. The sunsets here are vibrant and the hotel offers a personal escape with first-class service and delectable dining options.

Sunset on the Cliffs Resort
This resort can easily feel like a second home to nature lovers who appreciate the adventures found in the crystal clear waters that Jamaica is known for. The sun rises and sets here with a view that also affords the rousing sight of dolphins leaping in the water. Enjoy the beautiful and bright days that make way to peaceful nights and good times at Sunset on the Cliffs Resort.

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Half Moon
Negril is famous for its sunsets, but the Half Moon Resort in St. James in northern Jamaica can certainly be considered an exception. This hotel is far more than a locale to watch the famous Jamaican sunset as its 400 acres of private beach is paired with premier dining and sports. Half Moon stands out as a top resort in both Jamaica and the world. Enjoy the sunset, the opportunities for adventure, and the sights to be found at this renowned and respected resort.

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