Top 5 Jamaican Drinks


Jamaican Rum
Jamaica produces more different rums than most countries in the world and Appleton Estate, started in 1749, is the second oldest rum maker in the world behind Mount Gay of Barbados. Appleton has the enviable and celebrated reputation of being the best producer of Jamaican rums and has won many awards for the product. Jamaican white rum is dry and light bodied, clear coloured and slightly sweet in taste and is perfect for mixed drinks and cocktails. The most popular rum with the middle classes is the golden rum which is drunk straight over ice, with Pepsi, Coke, ginger ale or coconut water. The overproof white rum (“whites”) is extremely popular with the man in the street and in the diaspora. Look at the cases being taken to friends abroad from the airports!

Coconut Water
Coconut water is popular throughout the tropics, being freely available from the young coconut. It is particularly healthy, and useful medicinally for those with low nutrition. Fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie, and naturally rich in electrolytes -- the touted benefits of America's latest health craze have been known to natives of the tropics for centuries.

Ginger Beer
Ginger beer is probably the most perfect small beer, similar in taste to the best champagne, with sparkling effervescence. The Jamaica ginger gives it both exquisite flavor and pungency. In many countries, it is home-made, but in Jamaica a fine commercial ginger beer is made by the D&G company.

One of the most popular soft drinks in Jamaica is the grapefruit based Ting. It is a refreshing carbonated beverage, originally created by the Desnoes and Geddes company of Red Stripe fame. Nowadays it is produced under the Pepsi label in Jamaica.

Red Stripe Beer
The king of all Jamaican beverages, Red Stripe lager beer was created in 1938 by Bill Martindale, of England, who was then working as a brewer for the founders of the Desnoes and Geddes company in Kingston.
Red Stripe can be found in almost every country in the world and is considered one of the world’s best beers. It has been awarded numerous prizes over the years and has stood the test of time, keeping most of the market in Jamaica, despite other beers which have started up and “ fizzled”. The Desnoes and Geddes company was bought by Guinness, later Diageo, in 1993, but even before that Red Stripe was produced in UK and in the USA.