Top 5 Jamaican Foods


When you hear of Jamaican food, many ingredients come to mind. These include the unique flavors and recipes that make tasty meals which are enjoyed any time of day, any day of the week. Here are a few popular picks for Top 5 Jamaican foods:

Jerk Chicken
…Or rather Jerk everything! A jerk ‘pan’ and a cutting board, along with the strongly flavoured seasons, are just a few contributors to the celebration of good jerk. There’s a mouth-watering taste and aroma that accommodates this tasty must have. From the corner shop to the five star restaurant, jerk chicken is an all-time Jamaican experience in the form of food.

Ackee and Saltfish
This dish has the honour to be dubbed the “National dish of Jamaica.” How tasty could a fruit and fish combination get? Ackee and Saltfish which is salted cod as most people will know it, has been around for decades. Ackee is a fruit that must be cooked for consumption and has a rich yellow flesh similar to scrambled eggs. When both are served with boiled dumplings or any other ground provisions, as Jamaicans say every finger will be “licked”.

Jamaican Patty
What if we told you about a flaky crust with pure heavenly meat inside? Then we would let you know you can find it just about anywhere with meat such as spicy beef, curried chicken, vegetables or even pork inside. Jamaican patties are a well sought delight around the world but nothing beats the original Juici Beef, Tastees or Mother’s Patties you get here on the island.

This meal requires a lot of patience to prepare, but the end result is loved by everyone. Just the sauce or gravy is enough to sweeten the entire meal. Oxtail Stew, as most calls it, is a specialty in the island, especially when served with butter beans.