Top 5 Local Experiences


Rick’s Cafe
Perched on Negril's West End Cliffs is Rick's Cafe. While it has become a celebrated destination for tourists, it also remains a local favorite for its location, laid-back atmosphere, and dining options. Locals dive off the cliffs as they perform incredible stunts, and there are live events featuring local musicians who frequent the establishment. At Rick's, it's all about enjoying the company of fellow visitors and limin' as the sun sets.


Biking Tours
A biking tour in Jamaica is a great way to stay in shape and keep your energy up as you explore the island with local guides. The sights are plentiful in Jamaica and there is much to learn from these friendly and passionate leaders about the history and culture of the island. Biking tours are also offered in the scenic Blue Mountains, allowing visitors to stop for a taste of the famous Blue Mountain Coffee and peaceful swimming excursions along the way.

Island Gully Falls
Dive into the cool and calming waters of Island Gully Falls, one of the most beautiful blue holes in Ocho Rios. Tourists are scarce here and the invigorating waters are usually shared amongst a few visitors at a time. You'll definitely feel like a local as you spend the day hidden away in these incredible falls.


Pier 1 on the Waterfront
Pier 1 continues to be one of the top destinations in Jamaica for locals who enjoy eating al fresco in a scenic and enchanting environment. Food choices are plentiful here and feature staple dishes that treat visitors to some of Jamaica's favorite food. Since 1986, the cuisine, entertainment, and excitement of Pier 1 keeps this local hangout going strong.


Eggy’s Bar
Eggy's bar is the place to be for locals looking to pass the time, enjoy the scenic views, and have a drink near Frenchman's Bay. Tourists who find themselves at Eggy's are often surprised by the diverse crowd of all ages who gather at this local favorite in Treasure Beach.