Top 5 Scenic Drives


The Top 5 Scenic Drives

Port Royal
A scenic drive through Port Royal will take you on a historical journey filled with visual splendor. Rambunctious pirates, including the famous Captain Morgan, left Port Royal solidified in history and you’ll pass the famous landmarks such as Port Charles that house remnants of these days long gone.
Colors of green and blue will pop out at you as they’re found amongst towering fields of sugarcane, majestic mountains and green fields of grass. Of course, you'll be captivated by the idyllic Caribbean Sea beyond the roads during your travel.

Fern Gully
Fern Gully is a scenic Drive that can only be described as a trip through an actual wonderland. The greenery is so lush and thick that sunlight is sparse, but a warm and unforgettable ambience is created when sunrays have a chance to creep in. The roads wind in an almost playful fashion as you're surrounded by unique flora and towering trees on a path you won’t want to end.
The North Coast
This scenic route is sure to inspire you to interact with your surroundings. Following mostly along the A1 Highway, the North Coast of Jamaica sets you on a path to the Great Houses that are full of history, mystery, and are home to many legends. You’ll find many enticing dining options as well as inviting beaches that seem to beckon you for a relaxing swim.
Negril is known for its relaxed vibes and award-worthy scenery. Stretching out for miles, the pristine blue waters of the beaches seem to go on forever. Negril is also home to the well-known Rondel Village resort, famous for its simplicity and elegance.
The capital city of Jamaica, Kingston makes for a scenic drive because of its modern luxuries scattered amongst historical influences. Diversity and culture make Kingston come alive anytime during the day or night and can appeal to the interest of any visitors. Whether people watching or heading to the Bob Marley museum, there is something to see for everyone here.