Top 5 Things To Grab Before Going Home


Top 5 Things To Grab Before Going Home

Jerk Sauce
Grab a bottle of Walkerswood Jerk Sauce from a nearby supermarket. It’s sold in the hotel gift shops as well and is available in mild or spicy for that authentic Jamaican flavour with your preferred amount of heat.

Jamaican Patties
Already frozen and packaged for travel, Jamaican patties are sold right in the airports for your convenience and overall winning!

Appleton Rum
After feasting on Jerk and patties, you’ll want to wash down your Jamaica feast with our finest rum yet. A bottle of Appleton dark rum deserves a spot on your top shelf. Get the Reserve label.

Jamaican CookBook
Visit your nearest book store or pharmacy to get one of the many Jamaican cookbooks written here by our own.This is a gift surely to last a lifetime of endless yummy Caribbean treats.

Jamaican Art
The craft market is sight for sore eyes! Hundreds of pieces authentically made here by artisans crafting skills for decades sure to make a mark when displayed in your home. Take home a beautiful reminder of your time spent in paradise.