Toss & Roll


Healthy Breakfast and Lunch at Toss and Roll Salad Bar

What did one banking wife say to the IT husband? Let’s open a salad bar! When Keisha and Jermaine Bailey decided that they would open a restaurant together, it was because of their frequent travels and wanting to replicate some of their favourite overseas finds. The Jamaican landscape needed something different they thought, and they decided to inject their brand of healthy ideas in the mix. Enter Toss and Roll Salad Bar. Opened in May of 2013 in a small space at the Jamaica Business Association and offering only salads and wraps during lunch hours, the couple made a name for themselves with their quick yet tasty options that were healthy, satisfying and yes, different from the norm. After eight months at the location they moved shop and are proud to now call 75 Hope Road their new home, offering longer opening hours and a wider variety of menu items.

The Island Wrap with callaloo and plantain and the Reggae Wrap with ackee on the breakfast menu is a popular choice along with the strawberry parfait topped with granola that is a quick option for those on the run. The turkey bacon and egg panini is a fast riser in popularity especially among those counting calories. Their signature honey jerk chicken and spicy shrimp are popular lunch items used in salads, wraps and burrito bowls. Though not from a culinary background, Jermaine says they came up with their signature menu items at home to their tastes through their own trial and error and incorporated them on the original Toss and Roll menu. All dressings are freshly made at the restaurant and include a strawberry vinaigrette, lemon aioli and scotch bonnet remoulage.

In an effort to keep the food served at Toss and Roll fresh and healthy, Jermaine declares that all fresh ingredients are sourced from local farms and are delivered straight from these farms to the restaurant. He spoke of a new farm providing the restaurant with consistent romaine lettuce and was happy to advise that since then, iceberg lettuce has not been used at the restaurant, opting for the tastier, more nutrient dense leafy green. They have expanded their menu to now offer rice bowls using herbed brown rice mixed with corn, black beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese and protein of choice, daily soup with a “Soupa Saturday” special, mashed sweet potato in wraps and salads for long-lasting satiety and smoothies ranging from fruits, berries and greens. The popular green tea cooler has welcomed a passion fruit variety to the menu and seasonal ingredients such as sorrel, mango salsa and guacamole are in regular rotation.

Toss and Roll looks forward to the upcoming Restaurant Week at their new home with lots of surprises planned for their new open space and menu items. They have brought on Ayana Samuels as their brand ambassador who will be the new face of Toss and Roll. Ayanna completely changed her body in a 5 month period and will be competing in her first bodybuilding competition this week representing Jamaica in St. Maarten. She is a regular at Toss and Roll and visits the restaurant when in need of quick and healthy food.

Stop into Toss and Roll for healthy meal choices, mixing and matching fresh ingredients from their salad bar to satisfy your appetite.