Good Times & Great Shopping in Montego Bay

Good Times & Great Shopping in Montego Bay

One of the fun parts about going on vacation is going shopping! Good times and great shopping is everywhere to be had in Montego Bay. It’s the perfect spot for buying souvenirs or simply making the leap and treating yourself, or someone else, to that special gift you always wanted. Jamaica has a lot to tempt the avid shopper, and Montego Bay is made for tourists.

Go shopping at an in-bond store, and take your best bargaining skills. Don’t worry, it’s expected and all a part of an experience that ends up with you with some nice purchases. City Centre Plaza is devoted almost entirely to in-bond stores but you will find others in the Holiday Village and Half Moon Shopping Village, the larger hotels and at Montego Bay Plaza on the waterfront. Other shopping experiences include the picturesque Shoppes at Rose Hall and the Whitter Village, offering duty free shopping, specialty boutiques, entertainment and dining. Both are located on the main road out of town along with most of the major resorts.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase fine jewellery in the high end duty free stores. It’s not a myth that an engagement ring that might normally cost US$9,000, can cost almost half that. So if you’re on the island for a special occasion, it might be worth it to wait until you hit the shops.

The main Crafts Market is on Harbour Street in town but there are two smaller ones in the hotel area, one next to Fantasy Hotel and another on Fort Street.