3 Tips That Can Help Make Your Jamaica Vacation More Enjoyable

So you want to take a trip to Jamaica? Hedonism II no doubt, there is no other place quite like it. But regardless your final destination it's important to consider these 3 things when planning your trip.


#1- Know When To Visit 

Jamaica’s weather stays relatively consistent throughout the year, between 20 and 35 degrees. However what you will find fluctuating is the amount of tourists entering the country during and between Jamaica’s “high” and “low” travel seasons.

High season runs through the middle of December through the middle of April. Because of this, you can expect to encounter higher prices from hotels as visitors are trying to escape the northern cold. But you may not have to may as much, even during high season if you book a package rather than calling and booking directly from the hotel.

The off-season in Jamaica runs from the middle of April to mid-December. Although it may be very tempting to travel during the winter especially to those who live in a northern climate, it may be more beneficial and enjoyable if you go during the off-season and here are a couple reasons as to why:

- Swimming pools and beaches are less crowded in the low seasons than in the winter
- Often you can find year-round resort facilities at reduced rates, and still enjoy snorkelling, boating and scuba diving
- Accommodations and flights are easier to book
- The very best of Jamaica attractions remain undiminished in the off-season sea, sand, and surf with lots of sunshine.

Of course with all of these advantages, it is important also to consider that Jamaica does experience hurricane season, officially it lasts from the first of June to the end of November. No need to worry about this as weather forecast generally given adequate warning.


#2 Know What to Do During Your Trip

The absolute first thing is to relax and embrace the Jamaican culture; Jamaica is a bright, colourful and unique environment that without a doubt will put you in a good mood. Afterwards, it is a very good idea to try out the local bars, restaurants and local attractions. Look into what events and off resort excursions that the group you booked with or the resort itself offers.

Take advantage of all of the fresh fruit and seafood that Jamaica has to offer. This is the home of “jerk” spices, and no one should leave without trying the best jerk chicken or pork you’ll ever taste.


#3 Always Be Prepared 

Whenever travelling to a foreign country, you always have to be prepared. No one likes the long line at immigration but knowing what is going to be asked and what information you need to know will make your trip go along a lot smoother.

Before taking boarding an aeroplane ensure that you have answers to all of the following questions:

- Where are you staying? Are there any different laws, customs, or cultures you should be aware of?
- Do close family and friends have a way to contact you in an emergency?
- Do you have medical coverage overseas? Do you need supplemental insurance?
- Does your resort have a plan in effect for hurricanes?
- Do you know whom to contact in an emergency?
- Is the area you are staying in “safe?” What precautions do you need to take to ensure your safety?

With these three tips in mind, it is now time to just decide on when you are going to pack your bags and go on a trip of a lifetime.