A Beachy Day at Bamboo Blu

A Beachy Day at Bamboo Blu

Bamboo Blu is family friendly beach club that boasts a charming restaurant and bar that sits on a big, beautifully stretch of beach just outside of Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s North Coast. It’s an open air restaurant with a gorgeous view of the powdery white sands dotted by their chic bright blue and black beach lounge chairs and cabanas leading out to the turquoise waters just ahead.

The restaurant offers a comfortable mix of American and Jamaican eats from the kitchen of a celebrated award winning chef and a wide array of cocktails and mocktails for your beach day out. There’s a volleyball court in the yard and you can try your luck with “Rocketman” which fires up a water propelled jet on your back that shoots you some 30ft in the air, enabling you to perform all kinds of tricks on the water’s surface.

The bonfire at night is the stuff of tropical daydreams come true with the sea breeze whispering through the palm trees while the sound of reggae music envelopes you. The property is located right next to the Riu Hotel in Mammee Bay and if you’re in the right room, can peek out onto the sleek bamboo village and get a delicious whiff of the fusion of foods being prepared. It’s a sophisticated island beach village on an expanse large enough for families to spread out and enjoy the sand and water.