A Tour of Ocho Rios

A Tour of Ocho Rios

The original tourist town, a tour of Ocho Rios will take you through timeless classic experiences that never grow old, like Dunns River Falls, to the simple joy of shopping in some of the finest high end jewelley stores on the island.

Set on 56 acres just outside of Oracabessa, St. Mary (a 20 minute drive from Ocho Rios), Goldeneye is the former Jamaican retreat of James Bond author, Ian Fleming, who penned 14 of his famous novels-turned-movies there. Now a sleek boutique hotel, the property features the stunning historical home Fleming House (also available for rent), one and two bedroom villas, cottages, two restaurants, a spa and two pools.
Tel: (876) 622-9007

Dunns River Falls
Possibly the most famous attraction in the Caribbean, no trip to Jamaica is complete without a visit to Dunns River Falls. Hike them on your own or walk hand in hand with other guests and your tour guide, either way it will be a memorable journey.

Insider tip: An under promoted feature of the attraction is the beach the river cascades on to - definitely one of the prettiest in Jamaica - and for $20 admission (to the entire place) it’s a great way to spend the day after climbing.
Tel: (876) 974-2857

A cruise ship port, Ochie (as locals call it) also boasts some of the best duty free shopping on the island.

Shop 1/2
Island Village
Turtle River Road
Tel: (876) 675-5220

Shop #2
Soni’s Plaza
Tel: (876) 974-9270

Shop #40
Taj Mahal Plaza
Main Street
Tel: (876) 974-3733

Miss T’s An oasis just off the busy Ocho Rios main road, Miss T’s serves home-style Jamaican food in an artsy garden setting. Eat like a local and try one of the “Yardie Favourites” - so popular they’re always on the menu - including curry goat, oxtail and jerk chicken.
Tel: (876) 755-0099

Mystic Mountain
Inspired by the Jamaican bobsled team, Mystic Mountain is most famous for its bobsled ride, which sends visitors soaring downhill on a bobsled track in individually sized bobsled capsules. Other features of this rainforest adventure include its sky explorer (an aerial tram), canopy zipline and tranopy tour.
Tel: (876) 974-3990

Blue Hole
This attraction isn’t commercialized and it’s free to visitors, leaving it unscathed but also without facilities. A short trek over steep and rocky terrain opens up to the landing where you can park and buy water shoes, and there is exquisite local food that can be purchased. Before you take a dip in the cold, turquoise waters, the locals can provide you with other gears for your convenience as well.

Get Here: Head east toward Evelyn St. Pass by the gas station (on the right in 3.3 km).Continue onto A3. Turn right just after the entrance to Couples San Souci and across the road from White River Bay. Head up along the road for nearly 2 km. Take a slight right. Destination will be on the right.