Bar Hopping in Kingston

Bar Hopping in Kingston

Bar hopping in Kingston could involve hitting each spot for only 10 minutes and you wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what the vibrant capital city of Jamaica has to offer. The thriving city of Kingston is a mecca for bar hopping and wild nights. With the beautiful harbor as the backdrop, you’ll find many locals gathered here, sipping rum-infused cocktails and listening to live music. Music, after all, is the blood that flows through Kingston’s veins, bringing life into every aspect of life in the area.

Knowing where to go can make the difference between a so-so evening and one to write home about. Here are a few suggestions of different types of bars for anyone looking to have an evening out in Kingston, along with some tips for making the evening memorable.

Dub Club
7b Skyline Dr
Since it opened in 2002, Dub Club has become the place to be on any given Sunday evening. Initially a small, informal party in the hills of St. Andrew, it has grown into a gathering of hundreds chilling to the sounds of roots reggae and dub. Although the club opens at 8:00 in the evening, it’s best not to show up until after 10:00, when the party really starts rolling.
Tel: (876) 815-1184/ (876) 649-6687

CRU Bar & Grill

71 Lady Musgrave Road
Located in a favourite dining spot by day called the Courtyard, CRU is a rooftop bar which sits above the many restaurants and serves some of the best cocktails in Kingston. This open air setting hosts monthly events with live music and guest DJS. The decor is modern and inviting, with lots of open space and seating.
Tel: (876) 579-9362

Level 96

96 Hope Road
To help pull you through Hump Day, Level 96 offers an all you can drink setting every Wednesday night, along with special food themes such as a seafood night and Steak night, but get there early or you may find it hard to get a seat…or a steak. Check out the bar’s Facebook page for an updated calendar of events.
Tel: (876) 279-7052


RedBones Blues Cafe
1 Argyle Rd
A place for delicious meals and different themed nights, this venue with airy dining rooms, a courtyard, intimate gazebo and inside and open air bar is the go to location for live music evenings featuring everything from jazz to classical Spanish guitar, dub poetry readings, Paint and Sip evenings, film screenings and more. An average night still always offers good food, good music and a relaxed vibe.
Tel: (876) 978-6091/ (876) 978-8262

Usain Bolts Tracks and Records
Marketplace, 67 Constant Spring Rd.
Owned by the sprint legend himself, Usain Bolt’s flagship location for his franchise is an homage to the spirit of the champion’s achievements as you are greeted at the door with a digital read out of his record breaking times. Inside Jamaican fusion themed food awaits and the bar is true to its origins and welcomes everyone to watch sporting events in the spirit of camaraderie. Comedy showcases are also hosted here on occasion.
Tel: (876) 906 3903

Distil Bar

Marketplace, 67 Constant Spring Rd.
This open air bar sits in the heart of Marketplace. Surrounded by a range of cuisine from Indian and Chinese, to sushi and Mediterranean. Distil makes the perfect start of end to and evening dining at one of the many restaurants.
Tel: (876) 630 4122

JoJos Jerk Pit
12 Waterloo Rd.
This very laid back outdoor food spot also is a great chill option for late night drinks. With live music on Saturdays and karaoke every Thursday, this can also be a fun evening out with a group of friends in the heart of Kingston.
Call to see if they’ll be open.
Tel: (876) 906-1509/906-1612/ 908-2804

The 100
100 Hope Road
Up the road from the famous Bob Marley museum, this one stop location offers an outdoor dining and bar area, a rooftop venue for special events and parties, a top of the line gaming lounge and an indoor restaurant and sports bar right in the heart of Kingston on one of the main roads.
Tel: (876) 665-3238

17 Waterloo Road
Regency can be a place to have a quiet glass of wine, special meal or a throbbing packed nightclub scene on a Friday night. The Regency offers an extensive collection of premium and vintage wines and champagnes. ON packed nights the patio serves as a major conversation area and a temporary outside bar is set up to help avoid fighting the crowd to get to the bar inside.
(876) 926-2211-2/(876) 926-9334-9

Stones Throw Bar
1b Mannings Hill Road

This chill little oasis in the middle of Kingston at Mary Brown’s corner features affordable bar prices, and garden dining at wooden picnic tables from a mostly grilled food menu. Live music and other unique events are hosted by this Kingston bar which has seen celebrities like Sean Paul and Diplo pass through.
Tel: (876) 554-4704

The Macau Gaming Lounge and Bar
28 Lindsay Crescent
For a slightly quieter ambiance, check out the Macau Gaming Lounge and Bar. Featuring a casino and frozen drinks more varied in color than the rainbow, this bar is sublime for those who want a more relaxed vibe for an evening out. If you’re up for the challenge, check out the one-liter bottles of locally brewed lager hiding out behind the bar.
Tel: (876) 925-6395

Stone Love HQ

41 Burlington Avenue
This is the street party to top all street parties on Wednesday evenings. “Weddy Wednesdays” is a Jamaican tradition not to be missed. This is for lovers of dancehall and is a unique Jamaican experience. Come ready to get swept up in the energy as this is for people who really love to dance, from keeping it low to popping on their hands, dancers keep the rhythm at Stone Love HQ. It also boasts one of the most famous sound systems from the 70s. The beer and rum flow hard and Jamaican jerk food and traditional “Bar-b-fried” chicken is available. Most people show up at midnight and it usually ends at 3 am, but if the authorities stay away, this party can last ‘til dawn.