Beyond The Beaches Of Jamaica

Beyond The Beaches Of Jamaica

Jamaica is world renowned for its white sandy beaches. And though they are magnificent, there are much more wonders on this paradise island to explore and enjoy.

These spots are pretty unpopular and properly hidden; it is actually quite possible to live on the island your whole life and still not learn of their existence. 

Fortunately for you, I'll go ahead and share a few. Next time you’re in Jamaica, make sure you enrol for at least one of the following adventures:


Reach Falls, one of Jamaica’s most peaceful falls, is said to have been discovered by runaway slaves. Neatly tucked away in the Montane Forest in Portland; a gentle hike through the lush forest will lead you to water flowing over the face of a giant rock and into an emerald river pool below. This pristine natural hideaway also features a natural heart-shaped Jacuzzi with rushing waters, offering a seductive mix of relaxation and adventure. Visitors can have a cool swim in the calm waters surrounded by the peaceful forest or stand beneath the gushing falls, set up a picnic or enjoy a guided tour upstream to the source of the falls where you can visit an amazing underwater cave.



Rafting the Martha Brae River in Falmouth should definitely be on your itinerary. It is one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions, allowing visitors to glide down the river on bamboo rafts for about an hour, soaking in the scenery while your local guides share details on the surrounding flora and fauna. Your tour begins at “Rafter’s Village” which includes a picnic area, swimming pools, full-service bars and two souvenir shops.



At the top of a cliff on the far west end of Jamaica is the place that boasts some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world; Rick’s Café, Negril. Enjoy a breathtaking view while dining on exotic island cuisine. During the daytime the more adventurous guests dive from the edge of the 35ft high cliff into the cool, clear waters below, daring locals even jump from the trees on top the cliff. You may not be as adventurous, and you won’t need to be. Witnessing the action is thrilling enough in itself.



This 2-hour tour invites you to explore the Great River by kayak or zip line. It allows you to ride the rapids of in the river or cruise above the water on crisscrossing zip lines. Before you begin you’ll be taught how to get in and out of the kayak and some basic paddles strokes and necessary safety tips. Lunch and round tour trips to and from your hotel in Negril and Montego Bay are also included.



Climb 103 steps up the 100ft tall Negril Lighthouse for an awe inspiring bird’s-eye view of the coast. Originally powered by kerosene, the lighthouse is now solar powered and flashes every two seconds, illuminating the westernmost parts of Jamaica. The view at sunset is nothing short of incredible, and although the tour is free, you’ll leave feeling as if you’ve just purchased your own personal piece of the sky.