Everyone Falls In Love with Tory Lanez’ Dancehall Fusion  

Everyone Falls In Love with Tory Lanez’ Dancehall Fusion   

He describes his genre melding music as swavey but singer Tory Lanez’ irresistible summer 2016 hit Luv is identifiable as dancehall for its sampling of Jamaica’s Tanto Metro and Devonte’s Everyone Falls in Love-which cracked the Billboard Hot 100 in 1999. Luv, Lanez’ first Billboard Top 20 hit and a 2017 Grammy nominee for Best R&B song, highlights pop music’s recent embrace of Jamaican influences as heard on singles by Rihanna, Sia and Ed Sheeran among others.

“Tory Lanez is a part of that pop-reggae fusion going on so it’s important he performs in Jamaica,” observes Downsound Entertainment CEO Josef Bogdanovich who is bringing Lanez to Reggae Sumfest where he will make his Jamaica debut on July 21.

Born Daystar Peterson in Toronto on July 27, 1992 to Caribbean parents (his mother hails from Curacao, his father from Barbados) Lanez began refining his rapping skills as a child and started singing as a teenager. His mother died when he was just 9, he never finished high school and was homeless for a period but Lanez never lost sight of his goals. He released 15 mixtapes between 2009 and 2014, the year he dropped Lost Cause to widespread recognition.

Lanez signed to producer/mentor Benny Blanco’s Mad Love Records and Interscope Records in 2015 and released his debut album I Told You the following year, its title directed at those who doubted his ambitions. “I Told You is for the people who thought my dream was impossible,” says the singer who recently performed to rave reviews at California’s Coachella festival. “Being homeless, having teachers tell me I couldn’t do things is what fueled where we’re at now. It’s like, bro, I told you guys. And I’m not done telling you guys.”