Feel the Rush: Unleash Your Daredevil with Water Sports in Jamaica

Feel the Rush: Unleash Your Daredevil with Water Sports in Jamaica

Paragliding, parasailing, kitesurfing, surfing, dirt bike riding, rally racing, zip lining - you name it there are lots of activities in Jamaica that will unleash the daredevil in you and get your adrenaline pumping.


In 2001, German Claus Vischer made the jump from Skyline Drive in Kingston, and paragliding was introduced to the island. A few years later, another German, Jurgen von Dueszeln, would expand on the experiences available by establishing new sites with resident pilots. Skyline in Kingston is the oldest and most well-known site but there’s also John Crow Hill in Malvern, St. Elizabeth (on the south coast).

Free Hill in St. Ann, Spur Tree, and Pen Hill in Manchester, and Cabbage Hill in St. Thomas - all give a bird's eye view of the varying beauty of Jamaica. For those wishing to get a taste of the sport, tandem paragliding experiences are offered by Ingo Hillman of Paradise Wings. Experiences last between 5-15 minutes depending on the location and weight of passenger.

You can also find some of the best flying sites in Jamaica here

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Looking to soar on the high seas effortlessly like a kite? Kitesurf Jamaica, located in the historic parish of Falmouth and Kiteboarding Jamaica in Montego Bay are two incredible places to check out kitesurfing on the island. Jump on a board, strap yourself to a harness, catch a wave and the wind and off you go. Not for the fainthearted, it may look easy but it's quite the workout. If you know what you’re doing, the latter allows rentals of equipment for the day for all kiteboarders level 3J and above.

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Kitesurf Jamaica


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One of the most popular Jamaican surfing families, the Wilmots, can all be seen riding the waves in BullBay, St. Andrew. If you want to ‘hangten’, they offer lessons for various ages and levels under the name Jamnesia, and run Makka and PaliPro, two local surf competitions. Other surfing spots include Lighthouse, Copa, the Zoo, Buff Bay, Rio Grande, Peenie Wally, SharkCove, Boston (you can get lessons here too), Long Bay, Orange Bay, Hammer Pit, and The Ranch.

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For those a tad less adventurous, parasailing is the perfect way to see the island from above and is easily accessible for most hotel guests on the north coast. Whereas with paragliding you create the momentum to fly by running and jumping off somewhere high, parasailing has you strapped to a harness, connected to a parachute and pulled by a boat (which creates the lift) travelling at a moderate speed.

From that vantage point, guests can enjoy a stunning bird’s eye view of the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean Sea below and beyond. Sun Star Watersports Jamaica in Ocho Rios and Premium Parasail Jamaica in Negril are just a few great choices on the island that can take you on this exciting adventure.

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Rally Racing

While rally racing is mostly a sport enjoyed by spectators in Jamaica, JamWest in Westmoreland offers a wide variety of sport for everyone including the thrill of having a driving experience zipping around their circuit track.

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For a calendar of motorsports events visit


Zipping through the trees is probably the most popular activity for those seeking a taste of adventure on the island. Offered by numerous attractions, tour companies, and even some hotels, zip line experiences in Jamaica can take you flying through a canopy of trees or along the length of rushing rivers. Whatever thrill you’re seeking, you’ll most likely find it here on our island full of adventure. As the saying goes, if you don’t get on the ride, you won’t experience the adventure!

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Dirt Bikes & ATV's

If you’re looking for more on the ground but off the beaten path adventures, riding a dirt bike or ATV on the rugged trails of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica with a tour company like Irie Racing could be just for you. Tour companies like Yaaman Adventure Parkin Ocho Rios or Chukka also offer ATV riding at their properties.

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