Get to Know Negril, Jamaica    

Get to Know Negril, Jamaica      

If searching for the perfect getaway, perhaps to unwind, celebrate a special family gathering, or even honeymoon, get to know Negril, Jamaica. It's the ideal destination for the perfect getaway. Located in the Caribbean, this tropical island offers the perfect balance of rich history and modern day experiences. Although comparatively smaller to other Jamaican destinations and with a population of only 3,000 people, Negril is considered by many to be “the best kept secret” and for a lot of good reasons.

Negril actually stretches across sections of the two Jamaican parishes of Hanover and Westmoreland. While this beautiful paradise is relatively isolated, Montego Bay is just over a one hour drive. For this reason, transportation is extremely easy to organize. Although some people choose to take a commercial flight into Kingston, most prefer to land at the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay due to its close proximity to Negril. At that point, there are several different modes of transportation to consider:

Free ground transfers are offered by many of the high-end resorts for staying guests.
Bus and tour companies also provide transportation
Charter flights are available although with Negril’s airport having no running lights, all flights must land during daylight hours
Helicopter transportation is another consideration
Cars can be rented at the airport in Montego Bay
After reaching Negril, you can get around in a rented vehicle, by bus, or using a taxi service.

As far as accommodations, the list of options is quite impressive. Depending on the preferred area, as well as budget, you can choose to stay in a two-star family owned cottage or a five-star full service resort right on the beach. Obviously, there are price differences but one of the big attractions to Negril is its affordability. Even though the smaller and less expensive accommodations do not offer the same type and level of amenities as the large resorts, they are still considered clean, efficient, and hospitable.

This beach-front destination truly has something for everyone to include incredible shopping, fabulous Jamaican cuisine, breathtaking views, and a vast number of excursions, guided tours, and sites. During the day, you can tour some of the historic areas, enjoy a fishing expedition, scuba dive, visit massive waterfalls, or shop for amazing items crafted by local artisans while at night there are wonderful clubs, sunset dinners from restaurant cliffs that overlook the water, reggae music on the beach, and much more.

However, one of the main draws to Negril is the famous “Seven Mile Beach”. While the beach is said to actually measure just over four miles, it earned its reputation for being seven miles long because it is one massive stretch of pristine, white sand. In fact, this very beach has ranked as one of the “top ten beaches in the world” time after time by highly respected travel publications.

The Bottom Line
No matter your reason for visiting Negril or the types of accommodations or activities interested in most, you can be certain to have an incredible experience. Without doubt, Negril is a place for creating cherished memories.