Island Inspired Takeaways - Issue 5

Island Inspired Takeaways - Issue 5

Take a piece of Jamaica home with you when you purchase one of these unique island inspired gifts.

The Girl and The Magpie

The Girl and the Magpie is a brand of original jewellery, consisting of unique pieces or very small series. Each piece is entirely handmade, in Jamaica, combining traditional and contemporary jewellery techniques, and marrying natural materials to brass and silver. On top of the designer's regular jewellery collections she creates wearable sculptures, which are presented during exhibitions or as part of multidisciplinary performances.

Tel: (876) 580 5236

The Jamaican Peanut Butter Factory

Jamaica grows some of the most flavourful peanuts in the world. The fertile soil and climate create the perfect growing conditions. For years, peanuts have been a staple of the Jamaican diet and peanut butter a favourite ingredient in smoothies and on crackers. The Jamaican Peanut Butter Factory was started with the vision of making the best peanut butter in the world! This would only be possible by using the best tasting peanuts and 100% local organic Jamaican ingredients, making for peanut butter that is as nice and smooth as our reggae music.
Tel: (876) 558 5638

Peppatree Sauces

Made with 100%local ingredients and from tried and true Jamaican recipes, the sauces and spices in thePeppatree line offer some of the highest quality products you can find on the island????From spice rubs to Smoky and MangoBBQ Sauce, foodies will, in the words of the company: “Linga longa, open your senses, and get to know the roots and flavours of Jamaica."


Bartley’s All In Wood

Bartley’s All in Wood is a fair-trade community based company that produces a wide range of designer wood products and furniture. Socially conscious, Bartley’s trains and empowersyoung people through their Apprenticeship Programme and reduces their carbon footprint through a Go Green Campaign that upcycles cuts offs from furniture production and promotes tree planting.

Irie Rock

Irie Rock is a natural cosmetic company that provides healthy natural skincare solutions. It’s products feature active ingredients that are carefully selected from nature in its purest form including plant extracts, vitamins and natural pharmaceutical-based ingredients formulated to deliver the most effective skin care solutions. Irie Rockcombats, repairs protects, hydrates, exfoliates and replenishes skin to its healthiest state.

Island Dolls

Created by Beverly Robotham-Reynolds, ReggaeDolls was an inspired project from the start.“ I wanted to create these black dolls to have an impact on our little girls – to show off their kinky hair, broad noses and gorgeous thick lip reinforcing that black is beautiful.” In addition to looking real, the speaking dolls promote Jamaican cultural heritage “A wa dat mi a hear? Reggae music from yaard? Yeah mon, reggae music from Jamaica”, are just some of the words spoken with background instrumental music of “Land of My Birth” by musical composer, GrubCooper (Fab 5 band).