Las' Lick  - Greetings from Jamaica

Las' Lick   - Greetings from Jamaica

As the field of tourism began to grow in Jamaica in the late 1800s, one of the chief tactics undertaken to promote the island as paradise personified, was the use of picturesque postcards. This was especially effective as travel was expensive in the early twentieth century and postcards afforded potential visitors the opportunity to not only view their prospective destinations, but also keep a pictorial record of their travels.

The National Library of Jamaica boasts a collection of over 960 postcards featuring a myriad of Jamaican scenes from 1906–1970. These cards are a rich source of historical imagery and include several designs depicting views, greetings, early hotels, art and social conditions.

Visit or the National Library of Jamaica at 12 East Street, Kingston,

(Tel: (876) 967 2516/2494)

for more images and information on postcards from Jamaica.