Local Art Galleries in Portland

Local Art Galleries in Portland

This slower side of Jamaica hides some beautiful art. Check out works from artists all around the area at these art galleries in Portland, take an art class and let your children experience a talk about Jamaican art.

Portland Art Gallery
This is a simple gallery and hub for visual arts in Port Antonio, Portland and the surrounding area. A collective of individual artists producing works of art for enjoyment, this small gingerbread studio is located in Port Antonio on the eastern end of the island and is staffed by Hopeton Cargill, a Port Antonio realist painter. He’s delighted to act as an ambassador for the local art scene.

Tel: (876) 882-7732

Gallery Carriacou at Hotel Mocking Bird Hill
Hotel Mocking Bird Hills' own Gallery Carriacou where works of local artists are displayed. The gallery plays host to all forms of arts and crafts. Exhibition openings are complemented with musical, dance or literary performances.. Innkeeper Barbara Walker has informal talks with local and visiting children about the work they are viewing and about their own creative aspirations. She can also help make your creative dream a reality through art classes she offers in her studio.

Tel: (876) 993-7267