Mystic Mountain Real Nature, Real Fun

Mystic Mountain Real Nature, Real Fun

Mystic Mountain

Real Nature, Real Fun.

Famous for its Sky Explorer chairlift, amazing zip line adventures and without doubt the Rainforest Bobsled ride, Mystic Mountain is more than just an attraction – it also offers several unique opportunities for guests to experience its expansive and lush tropical setting in ways you may have never considered. From saying “I Do” at a sky-high venue overlooking the north coast to interacting with Jamaica’s indigenous hummingbirds, a day at Mystic Mountain is a series of uniquely memorable experiences waiting to happen!

Here are 8 (more things!) you can do at Mystic Mountain:

1. Just around the corner from the restaurant is the infinity pool that frames the picturesque view out and over the north coast below. Here you’ll find a fun and fast waterslide perfect for the young and young at heart who might not be ready to take on the more exhilarating zip line or bobsled rides through the tropical rainforest.

2. For nature lovers, a leisurely walk through Mystic Mountain’s Nature Trail in the rainforest will allow you to experience the many sights and sounds of Jamaica’s flora and fauna. Orchids, ginger lilies, anthuriums and several indigenous trees can be seen as well as many species of birds, lizards and mongooses found only on the island.

3. Serving up the most delicious Jamaican cuisine and cocktails, the Mystic Dining Restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience that will surely have your mouth watering for days. Menu options include traditional jerk chicken and pork, festivals, fried plantain, guava coladas, mango daiquiris, and Jamaica’s signature beer, Red Stripe. There’s also a lookout tower further up from the restaurant where visitors can bask in sensational views of the mountain side and the Caribbean Sea.

4. Bird lovers will delight in a visit to the Hummingbird Garden. Sit back, relax and enjoy these lovely little creatures as they fly around and suck the nectar from the flowers of the garden. Be on the lookout for the long-tailed species popularly known as the Doctor Bird, which is Jamaica’s national bird.

5. Tie the knot overlooking the stunning resort town of Ocho Rios! After a thrilling ride soaring high into the forest canopy on the Sky Explorer – arrive to say “I Do” at the most picturesque venue on the lawns 700 feet atop Mystic Mountain or inside the Mystic Pavillion – either way it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

6. For guests interested in the history of Jamaica, the Mystic Pavilion also houses a mini museum of artefacts inspired by Jamaica’s culture, particularly all things related to the bobsled team of which one of the attraction’s signature rides is modeled after. Also on display is information on the promotion and protection of the island’s environment and conservation of Jamaica’s natural resources.

7. Whether you’re interested in having a business meeting, private party or a special event, Mystic Mountain has the perfect location to meet your every need. The property is available for both day and night gatherings inclusive of a park entrance with cascading natural springs and lush tropical gardens, all of which are set against a stunning view of the coastline.

8. The Mystic Treasures Gift Shop offers a large variety of local crafts and clothing for visitors to take home with them. What better way to remember Jamaica than with a beautiful, authentic craft designed by a local?

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by O’Neil Phipps