Opening Hours in Jamaica – Generally Speaking!

Opening Hours in Jamaica – Generally Speaking!

Opening hours in Jamaica are often left up to the owners of the business but some types of business have become more standardized in more recent years. Banks and government offices open at 8:30am Monday to Friday but can close anywhere from 2:30pm onwards, particularly on Fridays.

Supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies and most shops open between 8:30am and 9:30am but close anywhere from 5pm (in smaller towns) to 11pm (in major towns and cities).

Two of the large pharmacy chains open until between 10pm and 11pm respectively (daily) are:

Fontana (Kingston, Mandeville, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay)

Discount Pharmacy (Kingston)

Many pharmacies offer a variety of (non traditional) services from printing photographs and taking passport photos to printing, binding and faxing. If you are on or think you will need prescription medication while on holiday you should purchase it before you arrive. If you need “over the counter” medication while on the island you will have to see a doctor first and receive a prescription that can be filled at a local pharmacy.