Paul Pennicook / Director of Tourism at Jamaica Tourist Board

Paul Pennicook / Director of Tourism at Jamaica Tourist Board

I am delighted at the opportunity to welcome you to our beautiful island Jamaica, “the Home of All Right”, through the ‘Jamaica Experiences’ magazine, website and mobile app. Jamaica Experiences will provide you with numerous opportunities to see our Island through our eyes.

Jamaica is all you want it to be and more, and as you start your island adventure, you will discover why, when you experience the magnificence of mountains tops; enjoy the feel of the cool cascading waterfalls or the calm of the Caribbean Sea. You will catch our infectious vibe that allows you to relax the mind and inspire the soul, enjoy a climate that forces you to smile, and be catered to by a spirited and warm people who automatically engage you in conversation.

The Jamaica Tourist Broad proudly applauds the creators of Jamaica Experiences. Inside its pages our many and varied attractions are brought to life while drawing you into our rich history, culture and cuisine, all while on the go. It’s the perfect planning compendium to fulfilling your treasured dreams, letting go of all your inhibitions and diving head on into the pulsating rhythms and irie vibes that is Jamaica.

Not to worry, that’s how it is, here in the Home of All Right.